Becoming a Versatile, Capable, and Awake Business Leader

Becoming a great business leader does not happen overnight. While some people are born leaders, and some people learn the process, that doesn’t mean that if you have the entrepreneurial instinct, you should ever feel worried about achieving it yourself.

There are a few things any aspiring business leader can do to optimise their performance however. You should look at yourself as the main asset of your business. With an asset, you need to maintain and take care of it in order to make sure it’s always functioning as intended, not matter what category it falls into. So why treat yourself any different? Consider this a business expense.

Consider using the following tips below to help you become the leader you’ve always wanted to be:

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Nootropics are the new trend in healthcare supplementation. They effectively help your brain our with all of the nutrients and vital minerals it needs to succeed. During the standard day of the CEO, you will find your attention being drawn in so many different places at once that it’s not uncommon to feel at least a little worn out at all times.

Nootropics can help you feel more alert, compute things slightly faster, and have a better memory. Couple this with staying away from toxifying elements such as alcohol or nicotine, and you’re in for a health resurgence, which will directly translate to your energy and awareness levels on the job.

Correct Eating

The way you eat isn’t simply a helpful habit to keep when maintaining energy levels. They can directly translate into how lethargic or attentive you feel on the job. At the very least, trying le vel thrive vitamin drinks can help you get that performance boost during your long hours.

Mental Relaxation

As a CEO or business leader, you have many, many things to worry about. So much so that they can bleed into your personal time, or at least what little of it you have. It’s important for this reason to make sure you relax as you should. Meditation can help you avoid the constant thought loops that continually make you worried or anxious about a select business meeting.

It can also help you thrive and stay calm under pressure, and that will allow your best thinking to come forward, and prevent you making any stressful mistakes.

It will also allow you to listen to those under you effectively, as the best managers balance giving instruction with really listening, and we mean deep listening. This is the best way to find out what errors or difficulties are occurring within your company, and will give you the best and most time efficient platform to deal with them.

The best way to become a versatile, capable, and awake business leader is to treat yourself as you already are one. Consider yourself a premium asset, and you’ll slowly start treating yourself as a resource, maintaining yourself where necessary, and applying yourself effectively where needs must.

Could This Be Why Your Business Is Failing?

When you think about businesses failing, your mind is often filled with images of huge disasters or serious mistakes that cause everything to fall apart at once.

Now, there’s no denying that this is definitely something that happens, even big companies are capable of making some pretty deadly missteps, but that’s not really the reason that many businesses, even some with huge amounts of potential, tend to fail.

The reality is both much less interesting and much harder to spot. The reason that businesses fail is usually that there is some small problem with them that slowly grows into something more significant.

Only by the time that it’s causing serious issues do many business owners take note of this problem and actually start doing something about it.

The best thing to do is to try to pay close enough attention to your business as a whole in order to avoid falling into this trap. 

In order to help you do just that, here are some common things that can grow into the kinds of problems that could potentially doom a business.

Poor Infrastructure

No business can function without decent infrastructure. It might not be the most interesting or glamourous side of your business, but without it, things are likely to fall apart pretty quickly.

Keeping things up and running is a challenge that even the most experienced business owner often struggles with.

This is why it’s a good idea to put your infrastructure in the hands of dedicated professionals. Outsourcing things like your data centre infrastructure solutions means that you’re going to be sure that they are getting all of the attention that they need while you focus your energy elsewhere.

It’s all too easy to start taking things like data storage, your internet connection, and even your phone lines for granted, but without proper care and attention you could end up with some serious technical problems.

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A Lack of Purpose

There’s a fantastic sense of momentum in the early days of your business.

The strength of your idea combined with the motivation you’re feeling to turn your business into a success is often enough to propel you forward and get you through that incredibly challenging first year.

However, once that starts to wear off, it can be surprisingly easy for a business to start meandering around with no real sense of direction. This is the moment to start looking at your business plan and reminding yourself of the goals that you set out at the very beginning.

What is your business trying to achieve? Once you can zero in on the answer to that question, you’re going to able to focus your efforts more effectively to help you achieve it.

Your Leadership

It’s sad to say, but the problem might be you. If you’re not able to provide your staff with the kind of leadership that’s going to encourage them to really give their full effort all the time, then things are going to fall apart pretty quickly.

The most common reason that this happens is that business owners are trying to keep themselves above their employees to give a sense of authority.

If you really want to connect with and inspire your staff then communicate with them directly. Give them a reason to care about what they’re doing beyond the promise of a decent paycheck.

If you can help your employees understand why they should give one-hundred percent every single day, then your business is going to be in a much stronger position.

Make Employee Engagement Your Number One Goal

The main function of any business is to make money. You already know this, and commit yourself to making this happen. But have you got your priorities in order?

You make sure that your business stands out from the crowd. You offer great products at great prices. However,  success is still limited. Want to know why? It’s because you haven’t empowered your staff. Employees are your greatest asset, and it’s time to start appreciating this fact.

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Famous entrepreneurs like Richard Branson have regularly cited this tactic as the key to success. Ultimately, an engaged and motivated staff will always pass that positivity on to the customer, and it will bring greater results. Essentially, a stronger team equates to a stronger business model. Here are three simple steps to getting it.

1. Be A Better Boss

You can’t expect employees to perform if you don’t lead by example. Research shows that bad bosses are the main source of staff resignations. So by doing your job well, the influence of your great work will filter through to the team.

Don’t be afraid to mentor your employees. They all have aspirations of climbing the career ladder, and you are the person to help them. Not only will this provide personal inspiration, but that support will make them want to work for you too. In turn, this will ensure that employees connect to the business in every aspect.

Above all else, completing your work to the highest standard puts you in a more confident position too.

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2. Don’t Be Shortsighted

Focusing solely on immediate success is a common mistake made by new businesses. This is particularly true when regarding the staff. By building a team destined for sustained success, staff engagement will soar.

Invest in your staff with training and development. Seeing that you have long-term plans for them will ensure they have no reason to leave. When they eventually get promoted, your senior staff will possess experience as well as skills. This can only be great for the business.

More importantly, staff members need to know that you respect them as people. The best 401k plans for small business ventures will underline that you care about their futures as well as their time in the company. Moreover, removing their financial fears will allow them to dedicate themselves fully.

3. Build Team Unity

Your business team is a family. Like any other family, working together is the only way to tackle problems. Arguably your greatest skill as a boss is to know when a problem is surfacing. Whether it’s bullying or any other type of division, fixing it is essential. The only way to achieve this is through better communication.

Tackle the problems head on by holding a meeting between both parties. Airing those feelings will often find a solution. Moreover, regular team building exercises and activity days are a great way to repair that damage while developing skills. If nothing else, it drums home the rewards connected to working as one.

Employees can spend upwards of 40 hours per week in the company of colleagues. That’s a long time to feel unhappy, and those negative thoughts will disrupt productivity. Underline that need to strive for joint success with group perks, and you will see progress that lasts.

The Four-star General and the Logo.


What if you had the opportunity to be a part of something positive? Would you jump at it?

My latest logo design project was for a facility opened in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica and named after the illustrious gentleman and commander himself, General Colin Powell.

The facility was designed to target youth and adults by developing their resilience and leadership under the supervision of trained facilitators who run them through a series of mental and physical challenges. The challenge course is just one of the newest components of the Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park and Academy as the community leaps into ‘sports tourism’.

Here’s the breakdown for this phresh logo design project:

Creating a logo design that communicated the following three (3) words — Courage. Challenge. Empowerment.

The man himself; Retired four-star U.S. General Colin Powell.

A design that depicts teamwork, military, personal development, progression, and simplicity.

This was one of the coolest projects I have ever worked on and I also did some of the brand development – tagline and merchandising. It also never gets old seeing one of your creations next to the UNICEF logo.

Fun Fact: Treasure Beach is my favourite place in Jamaica!