Motivation in the Workplace — What Can You Do to Make It Happen

Every business owner wants their staff to be productive. Some will spend an incredible amount of time, and put in just as much effort to make it happen — and it’s often on motivation, in particular. Because when you know that motivation is low, and productivity levels are down too, it’s safe to say that your business isn’t at its best. And when you want to grow and progress, your staff have to give it their all.

So, it’s often essential that, as the boss, you’re able to figure out what will make them tick, inspire them, and keep them on track. If you’ve not found the answer yet, you’ve come to the right place, as one of these five ideas might just work for you.

Set the Standard

If there are issues with motivation in the workplace, you’re going to need to work on the standard you’ve set. Because either the high standards you started out with have slipped, or you didn’t really set them in the first place. Working on setting the right standard in terms of corporate culture is what you really need to do, notes on which Jozef Opdeweegh gave in that post. You should take this and ensure that you can create the right office dynamics to keep everyone motivated and working as they should be.

Encourage Communication

But you have to be careful, because you don’t want to end up creating the kind of working environment that suppresses your staff. Instead, you should be thinking of the ways you can encourage effective communication among everyone. From morning meetings to an open plan office space, there are various ways of achieving this. Making an effort to ensure all levels of staff and departments communicate well should aid working relationships, which in turn can improve employee motivation.

Woman in Black Suit Jacket Facing Man in Blue Denim Dress Shirt Same Standing

Provide Incentives

Sometimes, good old-fashioned incentives work a treat. Because sometimes, you’ll find that your staff feel demotivated based on a tough period or external circumstances that you can’t always control. But one thing you can control is an incentive. Whether it’s financial or otherwise, you may find that putting an incentive structure in place, or just running a sporadic, incentive for fun, can get the results you need.

Influence the Atmosphere

When the atmosphere in your office is awful, it can be really off-putting for your staff. And this is something that will always be demotivating for them. So you’re going to want to work at creating a positive work environment. For this, a positive attitude, smiles all round, a little celebration every once in a while, and vocal praise will go a long way.

Relax and Live a Little

Finally, you’re going to want to learn to relax and just let go sometimes. If you’re always wound up and uptight, your attitude will impact on the rest of the office. And a stuffy, strict work atmosphere is not only demotivating, but it’s also demoralizing too. So choose to live a little and lighten up the mood. It will make a world of difference the everyone’s motivation levels.

Refresh Your Motivation — Ideas for Entrepreneurs

When you are running a business, it’s incredibly easy to find yourself caught up in the mundane; in the daily “to-do” minutiae that demand so much of your time. When you expend so much energy on the basics, you can often find yourself running at a deficit on the enthusiasm you need to propel your business forward.

If the above sounds familiar, you’ll be pleased to know there are a few solutions that can reinvigorate your excitement and get your creative juices flowing once again. If you’re struggling for enthusiasm, then one of the options below should be able to get you back to your best.

1) Attend A Tradeshow or Conference

Sometimes, all you need to supercharge your thinking is to do something different. Rather than spending your days in the office, crunching through numbers and dry statistics, get out and about and head to your nearest trade show or business conference.

Being out of the office will be beneficial in and of itself, but you’re also going to be surrounded by businesses and ideas that are relevant to your industry. You can glance through the innovations that your competitors are producing and, before you know it, your mind will be humming with ideas regarding how you can match and then exceed what they are offering.

2) Explore Motivational Speaking

You can’t always be your own motivational speaker and life coach. While it’s great if you have a regular routine of affirmations and try to work on your growth as a business person, when you’re under stress, this becomes all the more difficult.

It therefore makes sense to look for your options from professional motivational speakers; those who have a reputation of helping encourage people to find the best in themselves. There’s no need to spend a fortune, either; you can find Tony Robbins 10% off promo codes relatively simply, and Robbins has a reputation as one of the most trusted motivational experts in the business. A little expense in exchange for a boost to your innovative abilities is a worthy exchange that you may want to consider.

3) Unplug For A Day

For any entrepreneur, the idea of unplugging — forgoing the use of electronic devices for an entire day — sounds rather daunting. However, it might be just what you need to help kick your inspiration and motivation into another gear.

The benefits of unplugging are myriad, especially if you are the kind of person who is usually attached to your phone. With your mind free of distractions, it may surprise you just how quickly your motivation begins to seep back. You may find yourself desperate to get back to work and action all of the ideas that have popped into your mind. There are plenty of other health benefits to consider also, so this is definitely an option you may want to explore.

The daily grind of running a business can exhaust your creative reserves and sap your motivation. However, by exploring the above, you can reignite your passion and inspire yourself to push your business growth to the next level.

How to Think like a Child and Be Successful as an Adult

My drawing of Carl Fredricksen from Up (2009 film).
My drawing of Carl Fredricksen from Up (2009 film).

There’s a saying I came across once, but never forgot — “you get to be a child once, but you can be childish forever”.

How many of you saw the Disney/Pixar animated film Up? The plot follows a retired balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen, 78-years-young, who dusts off an old childhood dream he once shared with his now deceased wife (Ellie) to explore a specific scenic vista in South America. Carl sets off on his adventure in a floating house attached to close to 20,000 balloons (give or take a few)!

I sometimes forget how much I wanted to go work for Disney Studios and become an animator and voice-over.

I sometimes forget how great it felt to sit down quietly and spend hours sketching, drawing, colouring and inking cartoon characters like the one I did above.

When we’re kids we seem so fearless. We conjured up the biggest dreams with our wild and overly-active imaginations. Where does it all go when we hit adulthood? Such a mystery.

These last few months I’ve taken time to try and get back to my roots. I was drawing once I could actually hold a pencil properly (age 3) and nearly 29 years later I still have that love affair.

No matter how advance technology gets with software such as Adobe Illustrator, there’s no substitution for the basics. Evolution is important in self-development, but not at the cost of losing the original model; yourself as a child.

Spend some time reflecting on what drove you as a child and try to bring that ambition into your current space. There’s absolutely any we can’t dream big! After all, the only one who can tell you what you can and cannot accomplish, is yourself.

Conquer Your Defeatist Attitude! Life Is Not As Hard As You Think!‏

Tall_ship_Christian_Radich_under_sailde·feat·ist – /diˈfētist/
1. a person who expects or is excessively ready to accept failure.

When I think back to what my ancestors and your ancestors had to endure whether during slavery or as immigrants in a far away land, they all faced and overcame hardships.

I think now in today’s modern world of our own oppression and oppressors and in my moments of weakness and defeat, draw strength from those before me.

They gave us the foundation on which we’ve become educated individuals, but yet we fail to see our own power; our own self-worth.

No one should be able to make us feel as though we aren’t mighty men and women capable of doing anything and everything we imagine for ourselves and our loved ones.

Be who you were meant to become! One of my favourite poems is titled “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley and one of the most powerful lines of that poem reads “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

Steer your own success and conquer defeat! Life and living is yours for the taking.

You Are as Strong as You Tell Your Mind

Every day we are faced with challenges and hurdles that we can either go over or have them stop us in our tracks. It is in those moments we question our own mental and physical strength. Just how strong are we?

Have you ever seen metal forged into a samurai sword (a katana for instance)? I’m guessing not a lot of hands went up and as you’d have guessed neither did mine. But, it has been said in the Japanese culture that the samurai’s sword was his soul. Many claim that an authentic katana is folded over 1,000,000 times to create steel of the highest quality. Keep that in mind as you continue to read this post.

After watching the journey of people around me (family, friends and colleagues) and personalities in the media that you see, hear or read about almost daily, like Sir Richard Branson, an important revelation has come my way. In order to get where you need to be (especially as an entrepreneur), you have to be put through a series of tests (or be folded over a million times) to see if you are ready to receive your blessing; your destiny; that which is rightfully yours.

You are not as strong as you think you are. Let me put that another way; you are not as strong as you need to be just yet. By this I mean to be the best that you can be, you have to be at your very best and strongest.

Sometimes we put so much effort into getting where we envision our start-up businesses, professions, whatever the ambition and it feels like our best isn’t nearly enough to get us to our desired destination. That’s simply because we’re not as strong or as great as we can be.

When we discover our inner-strength and greatness, all that we wished to accomplish will suddenly start to fall into place. Don’t be overwhelmed and don’t fear your success. We both know that at this point, you’d have worked hard for it and everything that comes your way going forward would have been well-deserved.

Hold on to your dreams and aspirations with all your might. You’re very close to being the best you that you were meant to be.