Invoice2Go Presents ‘Freelancing Insights for the New Workforce’ [Infographic]

Recently, I collaborated with Invoice2Go (a leading invoice app and resource) to share some tips with new freelancers that examined time management, self-motivation, and social media. The goal was to give some insight that would be used for their next upcoming infographic (see below). You can read my entire blog post below for more details.

Today, I have the opportunity to share Invoice2Go’s completed infographic that looks at “Freelancing Insights for the New Workforce”. My name’s in the “Contributors” section (pretty exciting!) and my tip falls under the “Time Management” section (in the middle).

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Since I started my graphic design business almost six years ago, I’ve created a few different invoice templates.

Invoice2Go has just launched a brand new (and free!) invoice template (website link) generator on their website and I liked it so much I’ve decided to share it here.  It makes a great resource for anyone looking to try their hand at invoicing! Take it for a spin. You can thank me later. Also, this is NOT a paid endorsement (though I wish it was).

Here’s the Invoice2Go infographic for those thinking about taking the leap into the world of freelancing.


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