Is the Agriculture Industry Still Profitable for Small Businesses?

Many decades ago, setting up a small agricultural business was a ticket to the top. These days, with the influx of new technology and the modernisation of the world, many people wonder if this industry is still profitable for small businesses.

Defining “Agriculture”

Some people get confused as to what agriculture actually covers. In short, it’s a fancy term for any type of farming work. If you’re out in the field farming crops of some kind or breeding animals, then you’re doing agricultural work.

Of course, farms are still the key source for pretty much all food in the world. The difference is that many farms are now owned by big corporations that supply themselves with food and resources. So, can someone with a small agricultural business still make it in the modern world?

The answer is yes, they can.

However, it’s not as simple as just saying yes like that. There are many ways in which a small agricultural business can still fail, it all depends on the type of business you start. There are gaps in the market for certain agricultural things, all you have to do is find them.

This brings us onto the main section of this article as I’ll provide some examples of the most profitable small agricultural business ideas out there right now.

A Nut Farm

Nuts are very popular right now, and they’re used in so many different ways. As a result, starting a nut farm and growing different nut trees can open the windows of opportunity for you. There are so many ways you can make money with this business idea. Firstly, have a look here to see the most profitable nut trees you can grow. Once you’ve grown them, and the nuts are falling off, you have a few paths to profits.

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One idea is to sell your nuts at farmers markets and reap in the money. People come from far and wide to buy proper untouched nuts, they’ll sell like wildfire. The second idea is to sell your nuts directly to food companies that might need them for their products. Alternatively, you could process the nuts and turn them into nut butter, which are extremely popular right now. People pay a fortune for a good-quality, healthy, nut butter — it could be your opening for success.

Starting this business is relatively easy once you have the land. As I mentioned, you need to decide what nut trees you’re going to plant. Then, it’s simply a case of ensuring they grow properly and the nuts come out nice and healthily. You’ll need some general farming equipment too, such as a trailer to collect all the nuts ready for whatever you choose to do with them.

There are loads of dump trailers out there suitable for this, and you can view more here if you’re interested. Then, it’s pretty much a case of either finding farmers markets to attend or finding direct customers. You could set up your own online store selling your nuts/nut butter if you wanted. Regardless, nut farming taps into a very popular trend that generates loads of money.

Carrot Fruit Beside Lemon Fruit on Black Wooden Table

Raw Juice Production

There’s such a huge emphasis on being healthy nowadays. I think most people realise there’s a huge obesity problem, so they’re trying to make a change. As a result, things like raw juices are highly popular. People like drinking them because they’re packed full of raw, natural, ingredients. You can start a small agricultural business that focuses on raw juice production.

The process is simple, you grow your own fruit and veg and then create juices from your natural products. Bottle it up and sell it to everyone. You could start out selling your juice at market stalls, or you could try to get it into actual supermarkets. Immediately, you’re at an advantage because your juice is completely natural and made from fresh fruit/veg on a local farm. These are all things people like to see, and they’ll be keen to give it a try.

What’s great about this idea is you don’t need a lot of land to grow a lot of fruit and veg. Furthermore, you could also take things a step further and set up your own juice bar or pop-up stall. Here, you can make the juices in front of your customers, which adds to the authenticity. All you really need here is a juicer and some recipes — there aren’t many overhead costs. If this interests you, then why not check out these popular juice recipes here.

Soya Bean Farming

If you don’t know what a soya bean is, then you probably don’t have many hipster or healthy friends. It’s a highly popular product in both those circles, mainly because it offers a great source of protein and can be used to make soya milk. This is a very popular dairy-free milk alternative for any vegans or people with an intolerance to lactose. All in all, it’s a little bean in high demand.

Again, like nut farming, you can choose to grow this bean yourself and then sell it directly to people as it is. Some small businesses look for soybeans at farmers markets, and there are bigger ones that make soya milk who are keen to find a regular supplier. Either way, you have options open to you.

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Alternatively, you could go down the route of growing and processing the beans yourself and creating your own soya products. It requires more effort, but as you do it all yourself, you can limit production costs, meaning you can sell your own soya products for a lot less than what’s already out there. This could make your products more desirable, meaning you make a lot of money.

You’ll need the same things you need for nut farming here; lots of land to plant the beans, and agricultural equipment to help with storage and transport.

To sum everything up — yes, the agricultural industry is still profitable for small businesses. But, that’s only if you explore ideas like the three mentioned above. Tap into popular markets, and you can make a lot of money.