Business Security: The Cheatsheet

Your business is your livelihood, and because of this you want to make sure to nurture and protect it at all costs. There are plenty of ways to keep your business secure and safe, and if you don’t know where to start, here are some tips for you.     

Code Of Conduct

When hiring an employee, you need to establish a code of conduct. This document will outline what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour within the workplace. You must make sure you take time creating this document so that your employees don’t come in, start dancing the fandango in the corridor and smoking in the corridor. You need a set of rules and guidelines for everyone to stick to.

Shred It

Paper is one of the materials most used in an office environment, and if you piled all of the paper you have lying around into one you could make your own office tree. The issue with paper is that it will often contain sensitive information or data. To avoid the paper being thrown in the recycling and being picked up by thieves, you need to shred your documents.

Schedule a time at the end of each month where all unneeded documents are shredded. You can then recycle the shredded paper as normal, or take it home with you and put it in your compost bin.

Computer Access

Not everyone in your business should have access to every file. This is why the IT department will often set out administrators who can access everything, and then they will designate separate folders for departments so that one department can’t see what the other is doing. This is important because if you have a buying department in your company you don’t want sales to see what they are making offers on.

Salespeople have a tendency to try to sell things before they come in for more commission. If they see that the buying department is negotiating on tools, they might try to find buyers.But the deal may not go ahead, and this will leave everyone feeling sour.


Make sure you have signs around the building with instructions on what to do in the event of a fire, robbery or a natural disaster. Hold meetings to make sure you and your employees know what to do if anything does happen.

Office Security

Hire a security company if you have a large company, to make sure that the building is secure and protected 24/7. You can also add certain security measure to the premises to make sure the building is secure. Start off with security gates so that not just everyone can get into the premises, then install CCTV cameras to catch anyone who comes near the building.

Look at adding fobs to your doors so that only employees can enter or exit the building. And finally, invest in a loud alarm system. As soon as a robber tries to break in, they will be scared out of their wits by the sound of your alarm system and run for the hills.