Think Outside the Box to Design Your Perfect Business Card

How many times a week do you get handed the same generic, laminated and tiny rectangular business cards? Once, twice or more? The chances are that these business cards are placed into your wallet and never see the light of day again unless you fumble around looking for your credit card only to take out a business card instead.

Business cards are vital tools that allow us to network with our fellow industry colleagues and make worthwhile contacts. However, the standard format of the business card is uninspiring, instantly forgettable and results in no further contact between you and the person who gave you the card in the first place.

To break this cycle, you need to take a look at a new breed of business card. Its purpose is still the same: making meaningful business links and driving your company forward. Take a look at these ideas that will inspire you to design a new business card of your own.

Anyone for a Spot of Kirigami?

The art of paper folding could see you create a new generation of 3D business cards. If you work in a creative industry or architecture, these wacky but interesting business cards could fit the bill. Complete with contact details, company logo and name, they remain simple in their content, yet sophisticated in their sleek design. This is a business card that will enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Make It Functional

This incredible metal business card is also a USB stick. By adding a useful function to your business card, you are limiting the chances of it being thrown in a drawer and forgotten about for eternity. Every time a contact of yours utilises their USB, your business name and logo will be visible to them as well as any other colleagues that may be around their desk at the time. Adding an innovative use to your card could be the difference between making a worthwhile lead and not.

Experiment with Materials

You don’t have to choose the most eco-friendly matte finish card to show off an air of sophistication in your business cards. Why not consider a different material altogether? You could look into bamboo, metal or soft woods to create a wholly new style of business card. Wood lends itself to be burned into or branded allowing you to be creative with your design. By thinking outside the box, you are making your company instantly more memorable than your more generic competitor.

Key Features All Business Cards Should Share

No matter what shape, material or form that your business card takes, it should contain your business name, contact details, social media links and your logo. By looking at the range of unique logo fonts provided by DIY Logo, you’ll be inspired to find a special font to match your specially designed business card. If you have a one of a kind business card, you don’t want to ruin its feel by plastering it with a boring Times New Roman or Courier Font. Carry the uniqueness through into every aspect of your design.

Business cards can seem like a tiny aspect of your networking strategy but get it right, and you could have a unique talking point that generates many meaningful business contacts.

Exhibit Your Business at Trade Shows like the Winner You Are

Many different types of business owners could benefit from attending trade shows. They are places where you can exhibit your company and try to gain new customers and clients. Entrepreneurs just need to search for the most suitable events for their operations. The internet is your friend when it comes to that task. Some websites list all known trade shows for different industries online.

With that in mind, now is the time to make your selection and get in touch with the organisers. Book your stall, and then use some of the tips from this page to ensure you leave no stone unturned. At the end of the day, there are lots of other businesses at the event. So, you need to work hard to ensure you catch the attention of attendees.

Image Credit: Flickr

Take your best staff members along to the event

Before you do anything else, you need to spend moment choosing the best employees from your company. Ideally, you want people who understand the ins and outs of how your business works. You should make your decision based on their level of commitment to your brand.

Once you’ve made that selection, you should arrange a meeting to discuss your action plan. Ensure you highlight the goals of the activity and let everyone know how you expect them to behave.

When all’s said and done, the people you take along will become the face of your operation. So, ensure they are well-presented and well-informed.

The last thing you need is people who can’t answer the questions put to them by attendees.

Create a script for your team members to follow

As the boss, you need to make sure everyone at the trade show represents your brand as you expect. There are lots of ways you could achieve that ambition.

Start off by holding a series of meetings where you discuss what you want to get out of the endeavour. Once you’ve done that, you should attempt to create a script for the big day. If you do that, everyone working on your stall should approach new clients and customers in the same manner.

Every person who stops for a chat should get the same information about your firm. That is critical because you can’t afford to get anything wrong. You’re never going to impress people at the trade show if you don’t accurately represent your venture.

Purchase promotional materials you can hand out

Trade shows are often busy places. The people who attend will have to cover a large surface area during the event. Indeed, they won’t have time to talk to every business owner they pass. For that reason, you need to create some promotional materials you can hand out.

That will help to push your brand. With a bit of luck, attendees will put them in their bags and take a look when they get home. All the final decisions are down to you. However, it’s usually wise to make sure you have brochures and business cards at least.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get those products, and you can design them online in a matter of minutes. So, ensure you do that at least a week or two before you plan to visit the exhibition.


Design eye-catching banners and graphics

You’ll want to ensure your stall at the trade show catches as much attention as possible. That means you need as many beautiful banners and graphics as possible. Again, you can get those products online these days for little expense. Just find suppliers and take a look at some of the options available. You should do that a couple of weeks before the big day.

That will give you enough time to deal with any issues before the event. You also won’t have to worry if your delivery arrives a couple of days too late. Don’t leave it until the last minute because you’ll have enough stress manage.

In the days running up to the trade show, you will spend most of your time worrying about things you might have overlooked.

Image Credit: Pexels

Make your stall as interactive as possible

People who go to exhibitions will often get bored walking around all day long. They speak to business owner after business owner who attempts to get them to spend money. So, they are likely to feel happy if you offer them something different.

There are many ways in which you could make your stall interactive. Maybe you could have iPads on display that people can use to learn more about your brand? Perhaps you like the idea of hiring a driving simulator or something similar?

Sure, it doesn’t have anything to do with your company, but it could make the experience memorable for attendees. In many instances, pushing brand familiarity is just as important as scoring customers.

Have fun

Above all else, you need to make sure you have a good time at your trade show. You might have to stand behind a stall for twelve hours or longer. The people who attend those events don’t want to see faces looking like a passport picture (no smiles). They want to encounter individuals who are enthusiastic about their operations.

With that in mind, do whatever you can to make the day a little more enjoyable for yourself and your team. You are the only person who can decide how to do that. Just make sure you think outside the box and involve your employees in the decision.

Maybe you could create a game to play as you watch people pass by you exhibit? Toss in a few giveaways — we all love freebies! Whatever you do, enjoy yourself!

Now you know how to get decent results from trade shows, you should find yourself in a better position this year. Just don’t start thinking that exhibitions are the answer to all your marketing issues. You still need to make a substantial investment in traditional advertising if you want to succeed.

We live in the digital world and companies that fail to acknowledge that and don’t place emphasis on the internet and social media usually fall behind.

Good luck with your next exhibit! You’re going to be a winner!

Bring Back the Hustling-bustling High Street


The retail industry has seen some pretty mega-changes in the last decade or so, as have a lot of industries thanks to the rise of technology. Still, none have had their operations affected quite so much as retailers. The internet has eaten away into the way physical shops go about attracting customers.

But it isn’t just down to the internet because there are a few ways in which retailers simply missing out on alluring the money-spenders, both new and old, which is what we are here to address on your behalf. Oh, don’t worry, we love a hustling and bustling high street, so you’re more than welcome.

Image Credit: Pexels

People Want An Experience

If the internet has achieved one thing it has made shopping easier, quicker and more wham, bam thank you, ma’am. That’s why you need to be able to offer something more and that something is an experience. Trust us, they can probably get your product cheaper online. So give them an epic experience. Have the music of best local bands playing through the speakers, have a working coffee machine, maybe an old school console in the corner, or a popcorn maker that makes the smell almost edible. All of this stuff adds to the experience, it gets people talking, it gets them through the door and buying.

Image Credit: Pexels

Explore The Online World

Your best hope to increase sales is to increase the avenues you operate in, and that means having an online presence, namely a website. Once this is done, it becomes a marketing tool and that means it could be worth finding the right agency to help you use it to full effect. Little things are what will get you noticed, get people buying and bring people to your shop. This is things like an ecommerce site, a blog, promotions, original photography, sleek images and arty videos. All of these will add to your relationship with Google and add to your brand, and consumers love associating with a brand.

Image Credit: Pexels

Your Window Displays

One of the most powerful pieces of marketing available is a display window. One of the first people to recognize this was Robert Mitchell of Disney, who saw big windows as a chance to install big movie posters and dominate the high street when it came to movie marketing. What big windows should do is capture the attention and intrigue of passersby, give them a reason to gamble on a quick peek through your door, and explore your place. That means getting creative. Of course, there are companies that specialize in displays, but why not just go wild and wacky and make something that jumps out at people, something that can’t be ignored, something that sells who you are and allows them to look into the beating heart of what your brand is about.

Image Credit: Pexels

Regular Communication is A Winner

Okay, so first off, find a way in which you can get your customer’s contact details in an non-intrusive way. Once this has been done utilize it to keep up regular communications. Weekly emails, monthly newsletters, publications, and promotional offers. By staying at the forefront on their minds you’ll be the place they think of when they need something new. You’ll be there go to place and that is exactly what you want to be.