Skip the Socials and Try Modern Marketing Alternatives

In 2015, Facebook supposedly influenced over 52% of its active users’ offline and online purchases. This is a staggering number, and it’s something which has attracted a lot of businesses to this platform and others like it. Of course, this makes sense, as social media can be great for marketing. But, it’s not the only option. This post will be exploring some of the alternative options you have to social media marketing, to help you start expanding your reach.

The Billboard

By the sides of roads and in the hearts of cities you will always find billboards. Some of these relics are decades unchanged, displaying adverts from a forgotten time. Their age and lack of demand make billboards very cheap for small businesses to lease. With an advert designed, it’s easy to place it somewhere where thousands of people will see it. This sort of option is best for businesses with a large demographic, as they benefit from a bigger range of people seeing the advert.


  • It’s cheaper than other methods, giving you the chance to save some money.
  • They are easy to design, maintain, and set up, all through one company.


  • They’re not very good for niche companies who won’t get enough interest from them.
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The Trade Show

Sometimes, it can be better to go for a more direct approach, looking into ways to reach a lot of people personally. A trade show can provide you with just that. If you choose the right event for your business, a portable presentation booth can be erecting and set up by another company, leaving you to work. There are loads of trade shows for niche markets like gaming, hobbies, and electronic e-cigarettes. If you have a business like this, going to a small event would ensure that only people interested in your products will be there.


  • It’s very easy to have a booth made for you which will represent your company well.
  • This method will be good for any sort of company, as long as the right event is chosen to match your business.


  • This is probably one of the most expensive ways to market yourself. Though, once the payments are made, they may never have to be made again.
  • An event will take a lot of time and effort to arrange, and you may have to travel.
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The Humble Flyer

A lot of businesses work locally with their clients and customers to get their job done. This can lend itself well to a more direct approach which is much more far-reaching than a billboard or trade show. There are a lot of companies out there offering flyer printing and distribution services within your local area. For a trades-person like a plumber or an electrician, being able to get in direct contact with their local people are an excellent opportunity. Along with this, a flyer can work for broader or online businesses, too. But, you will have to have a much larger distribution area.


  • This is by far the cheapest method on the list.
  • It’s very easy to set up, as long as you have someone who can design the flyers for you.
  • This method is good for all types of business, as long as the right areas are chosen.


  • Some people will ignore flyers, making your investment useless to them.
  • A lot of work has to be done to get flyers to a lot of customers, costing you more and more as time goes on.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the marketing methods you use for your business. Sometimes, it’s best to slip into a niche and use methods other companies have forgotten. Of course, though, when you’re trying a different option, you take on a degree of risk.

How to Prepare For Your First Business Exhibition

An exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for new business owners and entrepreneurs. It presents the opportunity to introduce your business to the market and ideally gain interest from some investors. A great showing at an event like this could take your company to the next level and ensure you get interest from key individuals.

However, to do that you need to make sure you are properly prepared for the event. There are a few steps to take here.

Devise Your Five-year Plan

The first step is to make sure that you do have a plan in place for the next five years. As already mentioned, a business exhibition is a great opportunity to meet a lot of investors and give people a feel of what your company can be.

One of the first questions they will ask you will relate to your plans for the future. They will want you to demonstrate that your business has longevity. If you can’t do this, they will quickly lose interest. Get together with the most important people for your company and plan out your moves for the next few years.

Make sure you have a strategy that includes the possibility of a huge injection of capital into your company. After all, that’s exactly what a new investor could bring.

Market Your Marketing

An exhibition is a marketing event in itself. However, you should also be thinking about how you can promote your attendance at this exhibition. You can do this by getting active on social media.

Make sure that you are constantly updating your followers about your attendance at this event and connecting to key individuals online.

You should certainly consider conferring with other business owners that will be attending.

You might also want to buy marketing and promotional space around the exhibition location. Pay particular attention to transport links as this is undoubtedly how most people will be getting to the event.

Think about buying billboard space in train stations and setting up posters where pedestrian traffic is high.

Invest in Promotional Materials

The key factor about your attendance at the actual event is how you make your business stand out from the rest. You need to make sure that as soon as people enter the event location, they are drawn to your stall.

You should have a look at websites online that offer fantastic marketing materials such as tents, stands, and stalls. Here, you should find some incredible, unique designs that are sure to stand out in the sea of competition.

Use Tech

Finally, you should take the opportunity to look at the latest tech on the market and explore whether it could boost your marketing campaign. For instance, you might be able to use AR technology to showcase the concept of a product that you are hoping to introduce to the market.

Or, you could use VR to transport attendees to an entirely new world. Ideas like this are sure to gain you the attention of key individuals.

If you take this advice, we’re sure that your showing at your first exhibition will be a tremendous success.