Here’s How You Can Make Your Business More Profitable

Running your own business is very possibly one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll face in your lifetime. However to run your business smoothly and to make as much profit as you can, there are certain things to think about first. From the cost of a new computer to the price of coffee — now that you are a business owner, every little expense should be taken into account and quantified. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

On a serious note, running a successful business gives you full control over your life in a way that nothing else can. You are your own boss; you can work your own hours and sit at home in your pajamas if you like! But to make your business more profitable, there are things to consider.

Make Realistic Goals

At the start of every month, make a list of what you want to achieve and where you’d like to be by the end of it. If you set out to make $100 then you can budget throughout the month in order to meet that target.

It’s all about knowing your limits but not being afraid to push yourself that little bit further each day. It’s simple really. A journal would be a great way to track your progress each month and look back at how much you’ve changed.

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Plan, Plan, Plan!

No business can work without a killer plan of action. So get up early, boil the kettle or turn the coffee machine on, sit down and plan. Plan what you want to invest in over the next year, what your business aims are, what colour your website should be and even how many staff you want to employ. Refer back to this every time you are unsure of anything.

Use The Right Resources

The key to a smooth running business is utilising helpful resources and software. Things such as CMS (content management system) for your website, business intelligence consultants for data management and even a system to help with your accounts. All of these things will help you to organise your affairs and run much more productively, allowing you to spend more time making profits.

Hire More People

There comes a time for every entrepreneur when you simply cannot complete the workload alone. That’s where employees come in. Consider hiring an extra pair of hands and you can even open up an office space to work from. Imagine the joy of watercooler conversations and a more productive workday. You can’t go wrong really, can you?

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Time Management

Time management is the single most important element to running a profitable business. Have you ever thought about the amount of time you could save yourself by writing a to-do list the night before? It will save your caffeine deprived self from fumbling around for the first hour of the day trying to figure out where you last left off.

It’s an essential thing. Make a list every night of what you want to achieve in the morning, this way you’ll never have to come in and take the time trying to get back into the swing of things. But remember, even if you are the boss, make time in your day for a break! We all need to relax sometimes.

Essentials of Business Cash Flow and Why You Need to Know Them

If there is one term that a new business owner hears more than any other it is ‘cash flow’. As someone who is new to running a business, you may be aware that this is something that you need to worry about but may not be sure of the details. This may not be the part of the business that actually interests you! You may be far more fascinated with the creative or technological aspects of running your enterprise. Unfortunately, cash flow is something that all business owners need to know about and here are the basics that you need to learn.

What exactly is cash flow?

Cash flow is money. It is the sum of money that is moving in and out of your business. It is usually measured on a weekly or monthly basis.

Cash enters your business when a customer or client pays an invoice for a product or a service. In some businesses, they will pay immediately and this is typical in a shop. However, in other businesses, you will provide the product or the service and then you will issue them with an invoice. You will not get the money until that invoice is paid and this is where the problem can arise!

The ‘flow’ of money into your business has ceased. You can get around this because Interstate Capital provides spot loans to small businesses which you can use to get you by when invoices are paid late. It ensures that money is still flowing into your business.

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Cash flowing out of your business

Obviously, cash flow is not just about cash flowing into your business. Cash needs to flow out as well. You will need to pay for expenses such as mortgage repayments, rent, consumables, employee salaries and tax payments. These have to be paid on time. If you are late making a payment you run the risk of incurring a financial penalty or a fine.

Your business is described as having a “positive cash flow” if more money is coming in than is going out. However, if you have a “negative cash flow” you do not have enough money coming in to pay your bills and you are heading for trouble.

Why cash flow is vitally important to your business

Poor cash flow is one of the biggest reasons for new business failure. Yet some small businesses will survive. In general, the business owners that have a reserve of money to get them through the hard times will be the ones who are successful. This could be your own private savings or a loan.

Information and cash flow

You cannot work out how your cash flow is doing without information so get in the habit of generating a monthly cash flow report.

A quick and easy way to do this is to compare the total unpaid purchases to the total sales due at the end of each month. If your analysis shows that the total unpaid purchases are greater than the total sales due this indicates a potential cash flow problem.

Business Strategies That You Can Implement Today

When you start a new business, it can be hard to know how to get your name around to drive customers to you. Thankfully, there are many solutions to this problem that you can implement today to pick your business off of the ground.

Business cards are an effective way of getting people to recognise your brand. You can ask stores to display them, and you can attend networking events relevant to your business to hand your cards out. Getting your hands on business cards is so simple to do, and you can often buy them in bulk at reasonable prices. Be sure to design a card that recognisable and eye catching.

Adverts. These can be posters around town, newspaper articles, billboards, social media promotion, paid advertising through Google Adsense, radio advertising and TV adverts. There’s no limit on how much you can get your name around. Of course, the cost of advertising does come into play, but eventually, it will pay for itself when your customers start rolling in.

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Inbound marketing agency companies offer you a way of getting your name around and help you grow your business. They can advise on how your website uses SEO (search engine optimisation) and even help with social media promotion.

Social media is a powerful tool that you can use. Creating tailor-made posts that are exciting for people to see will increase your chance of it being shared. Showing off your skills in a video clip is a great way to make your company page go viral. Posting regularly and interacting with your customers is also important too.

New customer discounts are a brilliant way of getting people to try your service. No one can resist a discount, and you could also reward your current customers in some way too. Not only will this help you keep your already existing clients, but it will show that you’re a great brand to work with and attract attention to your service.

Developing your brand is also an important thing to do. Be consistent with your logo that you use, and try to stick to the same colour scheme. The easier your brand is to remember, the more likely it is for people to think of you when they need that particular service.

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Have a business plan that is continually growing. Set yourself milestones, and once you’ve achieved them, you can set up more to aim for. Make sure you think about what your clients are looking for when they come to you, and try to improve on that service.

Be available as much as possible. Decreased availability will put potential clients off, so make sure that you’re at least available to answer questions for anyone inquiring into what you do. If you’re unavailable, try to make it so that someone else can step in. A 24-hour service is a fantastic way of gaining clients.

Whatever it is that you do, if you can apply these steps to your business strategy then you’re sure to gain from it. Remember, exposure is key, and customer service is very important. Good luck with your enterprise!

How Your Custom Design Company Could Become More Connected

Maybe you have a custom jewelry, fashion, vehicle interior, or decor business that you want to improve. For businesses manufacturing the cut-throat ethos in the boardroom should also be transferred to the production line. Custom design companies, need to uphold and even cherish the idea of purity or translation. From the order, a customer puts down and the exact design they want, to the minds and great hands of the labourer, to the final, one-of-a-kind birth of the product.

In such a field, you deal with demanding customers, but this is the very nature of making bespoke designs. Managing client expectations is perhaps the most stressful part of the business. This also leads into monitoring employees and switching between platforms of discussion in meetings, to the nitty-gritty sparks and thuds of the manufacturing process.

There are various tools which get the job done, but in all truth, the artist must be of great superiority to the tools he or she is using. As the owner, you can trim, contour and shape the entire process, so the organization of workflow is streamlined to get the most out of business.

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Decentralize projects

In previous decades, a firm but a fair gap between managerial and executives staff to the employee ‘on the ground’ was thought a rightful and thus, commonplace. However, to make the most out of your product in the modern world of business, customer expectations, never before seen levels of rival competition, and the power of negative press on social media, communication is vital to staying alive. This should get translated back onto the floor. Regularly, ask for feedback on how things could improve from your workforce. Just like a business may do questionnaires or marketing to consumers, every month you should ask your own employees what faults and improvements they can see and suggest.

The art of efficiency

Where your most significant level of manufacturing is, namely the initial design team, the floor manager or director should be close by. Nothing is more shortsighted than having an office where higher-ups are far from the action. Your workforce is less likely to run a question of hesitancy by you if you’re physically further away. This is where errors can occur frequently, so move the office of the managers closer to where all the manufacturing is going on. A surefire way to understand the crucial relevance of efficiency is to earn a lean master certification. Not only will you be able to employ financial accounting based on activity metrics, but be able to strategically implement improvements to your products by analyzing trends to make the best decision.  

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Expand the product line

If your current offering of products is inefficiently satisfying consumer demand, then the only way around this is to create brand new items and products. You can only improve a product so much before the several value-adding features give way to entirely new demands. Most clients in the custom design industry will take a template and add their own artistic flair, but others will want a complete redesign. It’s important to future-proof your business, by taking on requests from customers to start a new project, and thus add to the lineup of products your business offers.

Fast Track Ways to Make the Most of Your Product

I’ve spoken a lot about the various factors behind a successful business. I’ve even attempted to tackle marketing, branding, and so on. But, it’s important to remember that the top priority for your business success should be your product. That’s what stands to make or break your enterprise. The best marketing campaign in the world won’t do any good if your product isn’t up to scratch.

So today, together, we’re going to take a little time to think about your product itself. The chances are, you’re happy with how it is at the moment. It’s on the market, and things seem to be going well. But, remember that the market is competitive. You always need to be on the lookout for ways to stand out. As such, product development should be on going. In the meantime, though, it may be worth considering ways you can make more of your product as it stands.

Here are a few methods you may want to try.

Additions for Your Product

There are a few benefits for offering additions to your product. For one, they’re a sure way to keep interest high. Major product development takes time. Customers could lose interest if you aren’t careful. Offering small additions in the meantime can help to keep them on side. Plus, it’s an excellent way to make more money from your original idea.

The additions you offer depend on your product itself. They should be optional extras which allow people to create a product which suits them. Something like different cases, or add-ons which enhance performance are sure to go down well. Such steps may seem insignificant compared to your main product, but they’re worth taking. Customers will love the opportunity to customise their purchases.

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An App to Go Alongside

We have an app for everything nowadays. And, your product should be no different. Developing an app which customers can download for free will help to create a sense of community. Plus, it’ll enhance their experience with your product. Think carefully about which type of app would work best. If you want to keep things lighthearted, you could develop a game which relates in some way. Or, you could keep things professional with an app which tracks your product’s performance, or enhances it. If you’re not sure which path would be best, take a look at something like these mobile app examples and ideas to get your started. As with anything, looking at what works is the best forward.

Additional Online Content

It’s also worth offering customers extra online content. Create a password which unlocks special offers, or additional product features. You don’t have to be too elaborate with this to make it work. Offering customers a small discount now and again is all it takes. It may even be worth developing a newsletter for existing customers. Then, you can email them special offers once a month. Online interactions like these have the benefit of creating customer loyalty, and keeping your product fresh in their minds.

Here’s Why You’re Wrong If Think Your Business Can Survive Without Online Interactions

The modern business landscape looks far different to how it did 15 years ago, and online technology is at the heart of it all. A decade-and-a-half ago, a strong web presence was only truly needed when you worked in the related fields.

After all, back in 2002, the internet was still in the process of becoming a regular household luxury. For those lucky enough to have home access, the bulk of those interactions were limited to computers. Nowadays, smartphones and other devices have increased the audience greatly. As such, your business must learn to capitalise on those opportunities.   

Here are some of the compelling reasons behind that need.

1. Reaches Bigger Audiences

A larger client base can only give the company a greater chance of reaching its long-term goals. Online interactions and marketing is the perfect way to build interest from a wider audience. Not least because it’s particularly cost-effective.

Branding doesn’t always need to explicitly promote a particular product or service. Simply keeping the company on the customer’s mind will boost sales figures in the long haul. Podcasting is a particularly great method, as it offers a chance to show personality too. However, social media and other tools can be used to great effect also.

Ultimately, you want to convert interest into sales. Nonetheless, increasing awareness is the first step to achieving that goal.   

2. Provides Insight

Getting customers to know about the business is one thing. However, it’s equally important for the company to know about them. More specifically, you need to gain an understanding of their wants and needs. Otherwise, you’ll never fully provide the service they deserve.

Again social media interactions are a great resource. Meanwhile, using surveys allows users to provide constructive criticism. This can actively help you tweak those protocols and processes to ensure that happiness is restored for the customers. Essentially, as far as research tools are concerned, you won’t get any better.

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3. Keeps Clients Safer

 All potential clients need to trust your business before becoming loyal customers. Online facilities are a fantastic resource that can put those fears to bed. When you discover the cloud computing arena, business operations are transformed. Firstly, they can be used to improve productivity and collaboration. More importantly, though, it helps keep client data protected.

 Moreover, you can use those online systems to provide a great customer care service. If that doesn’t strengthen the bond to send repeat business through the roof, then what will?

4. Removes Human Error

 Perhaps the greatest thing about online programs is that they are far more accurate. As such, that can increase the speed of productive while boosting the customer experience. Better still, it enables you to focus on individual tasks without worrying about employee errors.

Those online systems can be used to improve stock management, avoiding customer annoyances. Likewise, automated services provide users with the information they need at the right times. From a business perspective, those improved operations can make all the difference.

The quick access to online data through Apps, social media, and the company website also ensures that data is provided quickly. So if something does change, you can let the masses know immediately. By putting out those fires before they escalate, the company’s future will look brighter than ever.

5 Simple Reasons Why Your Small Business May Fail

When you run your own small business, you always want it to be a success. After all, you didn’t start out with the intention of it being a temporary thing, or to fall at the first hurdle. Your dreams of going into business are often big, and hopefully, life changing. So, it’s important to make sure that you’re staying on the path to success. But whether you find that you’re struggling, or you just wish to be able to make sure that you start off on the right foot, there are some really simple reasons that you should be aware of that can cause your business to fail.

You Didn’t Do Your Research

Before you embark on any business venture, you should really make sure that you’ve done a lot of research. It’s so important that you know what you’re getting into. Whether you need experience in the industry, or to uncover the best ways to go about running a business, only time, effort, and research can help with that. When you fail to do any research at all, you may find that you’re not best equipped to deal with running a successful business.

You Rushed Important Decisions

Sometimes, it’s nothing to do with the setting up of your business that causes the problems, but the way that you go about running it. As a businessperson, you’ll know that you always have a lot of very important decisions to make. So, you need to make sure that you give them enough thought before coming to a conclusion. If you rush, you may find that you make a big mistake, one that could cost you the success of your business.

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You Messed Up the Finances

One thing that isn’t always easy to come back from is bad finances. In business, it is all about getting your finances right. After all, if you can’t turn a profit at some point, your business won’t succeed. So be sure to get your expenses, margins, revenue, and projections right. Whether you need to use an injection molding cost calculator to get a better grip on your supplies or hone in on your staff expenditure projections, you’ll find that getting these right will keep you on track. When you estimate your costs wrong, you could be in danger of failure.

You Ignored the Competition

Although your customers are always the most important part of any business, really, you should always prioritize your competition. When you fail to keep an eye on your business rivals, you’re doing your business a huge disservice. You will find that you fall behind the times and that your competitors can even push you out of the market.

You Took On Too Much, Too Fast

And finally, when you take on too much too fast, you’re destined to fail. Because you’re going to compromise on quality. And when your fingers are in too many pies, you’ll be barely scraping by at getting anything right. From engaging with your community to entertaining your suppliers, you’ll find that the important matters never get enough attention as your mind is always elsewhere.

Utilise Tech and Free Up Your Valuable Business Time

Time is money, and you need to save as much of both when it comes to running a successful business. Therefore, it’s time to wise up and save yourself some valuable hours by utilising what’s available to you on the market. Technology is constantly evolving and changing to improve the processes within a company, so start using it!

There’s no time like the present to put your thinking hat on, go through your business with a fine toothed comb, and start implementing changes and introducing new software and tech that will help your small company generate more hours and minutes for your team to take advantage of. Who knows what more you’ll be able to achieve in your business with extra time; you will soon, so read on.

Goodbye Note Books

However old school, you like to keep things; it’s time to give your notepad and pens their redundancy. Whether you’re using a tablet, laptop, or the latest iPhone, you’re able to capture all the information that you need to note down immediately, on any device. Having the info there digitally from the get go can save valuable time in translating what the information means for your business and on the process of yourself, or a member of your team, writing it up so everyone can understand. Details can be sent back to your office in real-time and can go up and be automatically saved into your company’s data so that they can be recorded and utilised straight away.

The faster that instruction and knowledge are used, the quicker your business will function. There are a variety of tablets that can be taken into the meeting room, to a conference, or a networking event, and if typing isn’t your thing; use a stylus. The tech is there for you to write down information, as you would on a notepad or paper with a traditional pen, index what you’ve written and transfer it to where it needs to be. Check out some of the best apps for taking notes on your tablet here and start downloading a few to see what will suit your business the best.

If you’re still not being swayed and cannot bear to give up your stationery; there’s still the right tech out there for you. There are apps available that will import your handwritten notes into digital form, simply by photographing them. However, you might need to check for the odd typo, but it will still save you the time of typing up your notes yourself, so they’re worth checking out.

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Forget The Flights

Meetings and informal discussion are the keys to the growth and success of a small business. Therefore speaking regularly with the right people is a must, and will lead to new ideas and opportunities for your company. However, if the right person’s business is across the country, or overseas; it can be an expensive meeting of minds to pay out for. Cut the need for fuel, rail passes, and plane tickets, and utilise video conferencing.

Work out the time differences and choose a suitable hour to communicate with who you need to. Download the right technology, whether it’s Skype, Adobe Connect, or any of the other communication software that’s available on the market, and utilise it straight away. Using technology designed for business communication will save you hours of travel and the money you’d otherwise spend on tickets, which are vital when you’re running a small business.

Discover what your competitors and peers are using the most when it comes to video conference software and invest in the most popular version; this will ensure that you’re able to successfully communicate with other business’ easily. Networking events and talks can be a massive expense, that will impact any small business, so utilising the tech to watch a live stream or a pre-recording of something that will help your company to develop, is a smart choice.

Advance Your Admin

There will always be processes within your company that needs a human touch; customer service being one of them for example. However, you need to filter out what activities can be done by technology and software instead. Hiring a person to complete certain aspects of your company’s admin is an expensive decision, especially when there is tech already available to help.

Time-consuming administrative and accounting duties, like invoice validation and stock control, can be completed by a computer, rather than a human having to sift through mountains of date. Implementing the correct software in the various areas of your business will save you the time, hassle, and money it would take for yourself, or a team member, to complete each task.

Email management is another time-consuming area of the smooth running of business; however, the influx of information and lines of business communication can not be ignored and will continue to be part of running your company. Streamlining email management is being introduced by various email platforms, including Gmail, and implements artificial intelligence (A.I.) to scan each of your incoming emails.

Once scanned, you will be given an array of response options to click, based on keywords and text that the scanner has found within your message; so, you can email back a reply at the click of a button. Taking advantage of email technology will save you hours in typing out responses when you could be using it to push your business forward in other areas instead.

As previously mentioned; there’s nothing quite like human contact when it comes to customer service, as people enjoy human interaction when they are seeking help and advice. However, it’s predicted that by as early as 2018 (yes, next year!), there will be digital assistants that will have the ability to mimic a human interaction and conversation, both in how they listen and respond. By 2020, it’s thought that 85% of all customer service interactions will be powered by A.I bots; so it’s tech that’s worth checking out and keeping an eye on, especially if it’s going to save you time and cash.

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Phones: Yeah, They’re Smart Now

Here’s nothing more frustrating than a client missing an important meeting; except for when you miss something equally as vital to your business. Don’t worry; start using your smartphone to help remind you of scheduling dates, and times. Better yet; use the phones of your clients and those you need to liaise with too.

The tech is there so that whoever you’re due to meet will get an automated SMS sent to them before your catch-up is due. When other people are just as busy as you are, they can often forget the note that they scribbled down in their diary last month to meet you for a coffee and to go over some things that are important to your business. Therefore, sending them a timely reminder could be the difference between your company progressing with their help, and you being stood up in Starbucks.

Aside from sending you and others friendly appointment reminders; your smartphone can now hold as much software and technology as a tablet, and even some laptops can. The storage capacity on your phone makes it a portable office right in the palm of your hand; so start utilising it to its maximum capabilities for added time and money efficiency in your business!

Apps are available that can track and manage pretty much every part of your business; including your expenses, your calendar, and your stock. A smartphone can become a crucial tool in the running of your small company, so check out 25 of the latest apps that will enhance and help your business here. You can take customer payments through an app, and even gain their signature, so it’s an area that you need to investigate if you’re looking to update your business operations.

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Marketing Made Easy

Getting your brand and name out there and marketing your business when you’re not one of the big guys is a challenge, but you’re in business because you thrive on a challenge, so take action. Regular social media updates are an effective way to reach your target consumer audience; however, it’s often a time-consuming activity, especially when you’re flying solo or part of a small team. Utilising a social media management system is the perfect option for you, and will save you valuable time; you can schedule your posts and don’t have to keep moving between various sites.

As a business person; you’re already aware of how important the use of your time is. If your run a company of any size, you cannot afford to waste your hours and minutes doing something that could be completed by technology, or worse, paying someone to do those tasks for you.

Now is when you need to go through your business and see where and how to incorporate the latest time-saving tech into your company so that you can develop and grow at a faster rate and utilise your free moments wisely. Now you’ve read this, be proactive and download what you need for a bright business future!

4 Reasons Your Stuff Isn’t Selling

Do you think that you have some great products and services to offer? Are you shocked than no one wants to give you their money? We’ve all been there. New businesses, in particular, find it can find it difficult to get things off the ground and get to the point when their stuff is flying off the shelves.

If you’re really struggling to see why things aren’t working out for you, take a look at these common reasons why stuff isn’t selling and see if any of them apply to you:

You Don’t Have a Business Mindset

If you want to make money, you need to believe you can make money. This might sound a little bit like ‘The Secret’, but it’s not at all woo. You see, if you don’t feel like you can just come out and ask for money for your yoga tuition or you feel like your products don’t compare to the competition in some way, it will be reflected in the way you present your company, and your products and this will turn people off.

Your Marketing is… Well, Where is Your Marketing?

It doesn’t matter how good your products and services are or how much time you’ve put into perfecting them, if no one knows they exist, then they obviously aren’t going to sell. I mean, duh! So, if you haven’t already, take some time to create a really good marketing campaign, which encompasses everything from social media to email marketing. Once people start seeing your stuff, things should pick up.

You Aren’t Targeting Your Marketing Effectively

If you have been working away on a marketing campaign, but the results have been less than stellar, could it be that you simply haven’t been targeting your ads well enough? I mean, what works well for an individual will not exactly impress a business client, which is why you should always have a b2b marketing plan and a plan for consumers if you sell to both. Similarly, you really do need to spend some time working out who your target audience is and then researching the kind of things that will appeal to them.

If you’re targeting older people, for example, using traditional print media might get better results, whereas viral videos are likely to be a hit with the 18–25 demographic. Tailor your ads, and you will sell more stuff in time.

You Behave Like THAT Second-Hand Car Salesman

You know the one. The guy who’ll say and do anything to make a sale. He’s so slimy that he leaves a trail behind him wherever he goes. The guy that instantly makes you suspicious and turns you off from making a purchase completely.

You might not think you’re anything like him and maybe you aren’t, but if you’re constantly spamming people with marketing emails and showing your desperation to make a sale on social media, you might want to rethink your position.

Do any of the above apply to you? Don’t worry, now that you know you can take steps to turn things around and hopefully start selling a lot more stuff in the very near future.

Female artist in well-lit home studio

The Practical Person’s Guide to Navigating the Creative Aspects of Business

Have you ever fallen into the trap of thinking only creative people can succeed in business? You wouldn’t be alone. Many of us who struggle to engage that part of our brain shy away from going it alone. After all, without creative thinking, how can you stand apart from the crowd?

There’s no denying that creativity is the easiest way to an innovative product, but it may not be as important as you think. Now and again, a more practical thinker can come up with an idea worth pursuing. Of course, the idea in itself isn’t everything. The process of getting a company off the ground also requires creativity. The good news is, there are plenty of ways around any problems you might face. We’re going to look at a few cases where creativity seems crucial and show you the ways around it.


Creation starts straight away. You can’t go anywhere if you don’t have a brand name and logo. With both of these, it’s a case of the more creative, the better. So, what can a non-creative brain do? Instead of dwelling on your lack of creativity, play to your strengths. Surely a literal thinker can find literal solutions to the problem?

If you have startup money behind you, it might be worth looking into creative company names for sale. There’s no denying that these will set you back, but failure to develop a popular brand will cost you more.

If you don’t want to spend the money, it’s worth talking the issue through with a few of your friends and family. When it comes to something like this, more brains are better than one. Make a note of any ideas people give, then look through each one and decide which best represents your brand. Of course, you’ll need to make sure the person who made the suggestion is okay with your using it!

Decorating Your Space

If all goes well with the startup, it won’t be long before a need for creativity rears it’s head again. Whether you have an office space or a shop front, it’s crucial you design and decorate in the right way. If your business is forward facing, this is essential for attracting customers and giving the right impression. But, even if you don’t intend to host customers in the space, it’s important you get it right for your colleagues. How can they produce good work if they’re in an uninspiring environment every day?

Again, you could opt to pay somebody else to deal with design for you. By this stage, money shouldn’t be such an issue. Of course, you may have to give them some idea of what you’re after. But, once you’ve told them your basic requirements, they can get stuck in with the creative side.

Or, you might want to take inspiration from other sources. Nothing is going to be quite what you need, but searching online, or visiting existing offices, will provide you with some ideas. Merging them together may be all it takes to get the space you need. As your colleagues will be sharing the space with you, it’s also worth asking for their opinions. That way, you gain creative input and ensure you’re catering to their needs.

The words CREATE, SHARE, and GROW communicates SiteManager’s ultimate goal | Source: SiteManager

Developing Your Product

You may have been lucky enough to have the original idea for your product, but the creation doesn’t end there. If you never change or develop your stock, customers will soon get bored. The market moves fast, and you need to make sure you run with it. But, if you lack creative inspiration, this may be easier said than done.

The good news is, there is another foolproof way to ensure your product is growing in the right way. Market research is the best way to see what’s popular. You don’t need to be creative to spot a gap in the market. Once you spot it, you can fill it. It’s also worth looking at your sales and customer feedback. Customers often have ideas about where the would like a product to go. Listening to these suggestions will earn you respect, and ensure you’re producing the product your customers want to see.


No one said that starting a business without a creative streak was going to be easy. But, as a literal thinker, you should have no problem finding a way around the problem. Plus, your other strengths will give you an edge that purely creative business people won’t have. Make the most of them!