Quiksilver Japan Designs a ‘True Wetsuit’ For Those Who Work Hard and Surf Harder

Quiksilver, Inc. an Australian brand based in Huntington Beach, California, United States, is known for making boardshorts, shorts, wetsuits, T-shirts, shirts, jeans, jackets, shoes and accessories. Their subsidiary, Quiksilver Japan has created a clever-offbeat product worth looking at. It’s all the four F’s that I admire rolled into one design – form, function, fashion, and FUN. It will comes in three styles and will set you back roughly $2,600 (¥300,000) if you’re interested.

Designers spent two months developing fabric samples
Designers spent two months developing fabric samples

It’s designed for those surfers who still want the thrill and enjoyment of riding the waves despite having a job and family life. Dubbed the ‘True Wetsuits’, it allows you the flexibility of stopping at the beach for a “quik” wave session, before continuing on that humdrum commute to work.

From the surfboard to the boardroom without changing clothes, it’s easypeasylemon-squeezy! Just make sure you get all the sand out of your hair. There’s no “True Wet-hat” quite yet.

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An Australian Photographer Making Big Waves in His Industry

This photographer captures waves in a totally gnarly way (surfer speak) that makes them the focal point of his awe-inspiring images. Ray Collins is an Australian photographer who bought his first camera a mere eight years ago (in 2007) to shoot his friends surfing around home.

Ray Collins photo waves
Source: Ray Collins’ Facebook Page

He’s since gone on to work for major companies like tech giant Apple and renowned magazines like National Geographic and adrenaline junkie Red Bull employing “his unique signature seascapes across their international campaigns.”

'Found At Sea' is a 184 page hardcover coffee table book
‘Found At Sea’ is a 184 page hardcover coffee table book

One of the most striking revelations is that Collins is colour blind, yet this hasn’t held him back in a space like photography. I suppose the worse case scenario, he could’ve just shot all his images in black and white! His published book, Found At Sea, features stunning photographs of seascapes and the first edition has already sold out. You can follow Ray on Instagram where he already has 80,000 followers.

I can’t swim nor can I surf, but I definitely want to learn; I can’t promise you I’ll be taking pictures of waves. In the video below, you get to see Collins in his element capturing nature’s most powerful element.