The Website Is Your Queen but the Content Is Your King

Making the most out of your digital presence is essential if you want your business to work for you. But, while your website will be your queen bee of your business, the content you feature online will always be your king. You may be thinking why? Surely your website does all the talking anyway, right? It is, after all, what potentially drives sales to your business. However, it is actually the content you include on your website that can be the defining achievement of your website. So this is why your content is king and how you can make more use of the words featured online.

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The keywords you use for descriptions and web pages

It is all well and good having a website full of images, and while that can be great for your website, it is also important to ensure that the words you use are relevant to your website niche and industry. Keywords can help with SEO.

If you find that you’re not sure about the best way to handle this sort of content, then it is worth seeing the help of an SEO agency E-Web Marketing. Focus will be placed on driving traffic to your website. The keywords help to ensure that the search engines will see your site as a credible result for a question or search terms someone has put in.

The recognition it gives your brand

The content you use can give your brand the recognition you’re craving. Content that is full of spelling mistakes and grammar errors may give the impression that your company or business is not reputable. That there has been no care taken into the publication of your site. If you want your brand to have recognition, then make sure you take care of the content you produce, and how it appears on the screen.

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The blog posts that could go viral

Blogging is a great way to help drive traffic to your website and home page and surprise it involves content more than it does anything else. So make sure that you use blogging as the tool it is designed to be. Ensure that the content you produce is engaging and informative, and you may find that the blog you write goes viral. Which will work amazingly well for your business in regards to your website.

The authority it gives your website

Good content helps you increase your domain authority which helps improve your ranking and position in search results online. So it’s important to ensure that your content is quality to help readers and customers come back time and time again.

The trust it gives your potential customer or client

Finally, a decent website enables a customer or client to trust your business and establishment. If the content is informative and correct, then a customer feels inclined to do business with you. Bad content, mistakes and incorrect information could mean that someone is put off.

I hope that this helps you to see that the content side of your website is very important to your business and company.

Here’s the Right Way to Do Video

Ever since the launch of YouTube, businesses have been interested in its power. However, YouTube is dominated by personal users. The most popular videos are of sweet skateboard moves, cute cats riding Roombas, and even the odd beauty tutorial. The reason why businesses haven’t flooded YouTube with their content? Time, money, and production values. So what did they do instead? They went to Podcasting.

Podcasting is great. It’s quick and easy, and you can risk it streaming live because nobody can see you. A good mic for your laptop costs very little compared to a quality video setup. And it doesn’t matter what you personally look like. You haven’t got to ensure you look the part of a high-powered entrepreneur.

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The trouble is, everybody is doing it now. It’s thought that 3.3 billion podcasts were listened to in 2015. This year is certainly hotting up to be the biggest year for podcasting. So how are you going to make sure listeners come to you and stick with you when there is so much competition for their ear?

This is why moving toward video might be the answer to offer something unique and higher value to your following. Sometimes describing something verbally just doesn’t cut it. If you’re creating products that need convincing demos, or you’re keen to enter training and education sectors, video is essential. Visual communication says so much more and does it so much quicker.

So what do you need? Well, you’ve already guessed that you need to invest more time and money. That’s why you need to carefully select the purpose of your video. As a producer of a series of entertaining video adverts, you will need to make sure they each hit the mark. Additionally, you’ll need someone carefully script and storyboard each of your videos. It’s vital you hire the right talent to deliver the performances your business deserves.

Anything that might hit television screens or even the big screen needs to be shot on a sound stage. This means the dialogue recording is impeccable. Everything from lighting to camera movement can be carefully controlled. You can look at websites like to see the full benefits of using a sound stage rather than squeezing everyone into your back office. Ultimately you want something broadcast quality, even if it only appears on social media and your website.

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Don’t forget, any video or series you produce should have the potential to go viral. As you know, nothing goes viral without a little push from the originator. Consider what is topical right now and try to tie that in with your video series.

What can you add to your content that will entertain and inform your target audience?

For video production, always consider the purpose of that medium. You want to show something. It might be someone doing something, or a full product demo. Maybe you’ve got a great interview? What about each of those concepts is going to excite your audience?

If you’re going to do video, then it’s important to do it right. Production values count for a lot. There needs to be a point to showing the audience rather than just telling them on a podcast. How does your company tackle video content?