Injecting Gravitas in Your Expo Offering to Business

Trade and business exhibitions are one of the most powerful ways for any business to reach out to current and potential customers, as well as other businesses in the same industry. It’s a chance for your employees to show what they’re worth in a tense situation whereby every pitch to every individual could open new doors for the company.

Here you’ll be bringing the absolute best of what you can offer and the things you have achieved. The entire ethos of your business, the image, the results, research and development and future prospects are all going to be tested and displayed to the public.

You have stiff competition, and unlike any other environment, your rivals are in fact just a few feet away from you.

You need to show the guests to the expo, why your business is the better option to invest in. This means you need gravitas and the ability to lure people in and captivate an audience.

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Think big about symbolism

There will be potentially a hundred other stalls all over the exhibition floor, which means the loudest and proudest will be the ones who can garner the most amount of attention. When going to an expo, you should bring with your cardboard cutouts of the most symbolic and important figures of your business.

It could be yourself as the owner, striking a smile, it could also be your logo which is blown up and able to be seen from no matter what angle. The key is to have the colour of your business, be loud and bright, vibrant, so it sticks out from the others around you.

You could also hang figures of success, such as sales numbers, improvements you have made or perhaps even famous quotes from respected business outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg or the Stock Exchange — if you have any mind you.

Showcasing and pitching to everyone

As more and more people will line up to see what you’re about, it’s vital to have staff and equipment in place and ready to receive them. It’s crucial to have portable displays which you can use to be at the center of your area that you are occupying. Here you can stand, bellow out to all the onlookers who you are, what your business is about.

Individuals can come up with your staff to ask questions, which is why it’s important to have a good backdrop. Things like island exhibits, banner stand walls, vector displays, formulate displays are just some of the trade show booth options you have at your disposal.

All have their own vibe and practical solutions. Having counter cabinets at the booth is great for erecting a plinth, and sort of the gravitas that many business leaders want to see owners put themselves on so that they show strength and confidence.

From this point, you’ll be pitching to the onlookers and answering questions which helps to have a separate smaller podium in the booth to stand behind or on.

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Sound and visuals that connect

Expos are very noisy events and getting across your points can become a tedious shouting affair. Rather, you should have video and sound in your booth, that is able to be used by individuals. Set up some computer screens, that have pre-recorded messages, presentations and pitches, and simply lay headphones down by each station and allow audience members to play the videos and listen in.

You can’t reach everybody all at once, so sometimes it’s better to allow potential customers to discover you on their own and in their own time. Equally, you can have a large screen that runs presentations about different aspects of your business on a continuous loop.

Many booths do this so that the background is enticing and something that grabs the attention as you walk on by. Sometimes music in the background is also a great way to build up a vibe in your booth as the continuous task is to break away from the expo itself and the many other booths, to give your area an oasis feel.

The music shouldn’t have a thumping bass but nor should it be so elegant that it is able to be drowned out by white noise.

Going to a business exhibition is one of the only ways where you can meet and greet your business rivals, investors and journalists all in the same place. It’s vital to stand out and not be generic so always value the power of symbolism for your business.

Give the audience a way to connect with your business that doesn’t rely on your force feeding them lots of information. And showcase your ideas, achievements and future prospects with banners and displays.

How to Personalise Your Work Space for Maximum Productivity

In business, we can find ourselves facing a wide range of different issues. From problematic clients to a lack of funds, issues can come and go, but some are always more frustrating than others. Because although issues can be a problem, when they’re relatively easy to solve or put right, you can easily forget about the stress they caused. And that’s not always the case with some of the more frustrating and frequent issues. Like productivity. Trying to increase productivity in the workplace is something that we all want to do, especially when you work from home. However, have you ever thought of turning to your workspace itself to help increase productivity?

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Keep Distractions to a Minimum

The first way that you’re going to be able to do this is to try to cut out distractions. Now, when you’re looking to particularly manipulate your workspace area to make this happen, you’re going to want to focus on the things you can control, and forget about the things you can’t.

Are your decor choices to distracting? Do you find yourself doing anything other than working? If so, you need to remove these distractions, or even think about relocating your office to ensure that you can keep your focus.

Use Motivational Decor

On the flip side, you should also think about the things that you can add in as well as take away. Because you can actually control and increase your productivity levels by bringing things into the space that keep you, or your team, motivated too.

Whether you work alone in a home office, or you have your own business and you want to keep your employees focused, bringing in motivation slogans can definitely help, as well as things like soothing and motivating music too.

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Add in Essential Accessories

Then, there could be the other additions that ensure your work flow is clearer and more effective. When you work at home, you could use work trays on your desk to keep you on track. When you have a commercial space, you could have a safety swing gate to reduce error and accidents. Whatever it is, you need to think about the things you can bring in that will keep your production running smoothly.

Be Smart with Storage

Another thing that may be able to help you here, is storage. When your commercial or office space, is cluttered and unorganised, it can really affect your focus. But, by bringing in smart office design ideas and great commercial space storage procedures, you may find that you can increase your productivity and avoid downtime.

Use Visuals for Planning

And finally, you should also think about the other ways that you can bring visuals into your workspace to help with productivity. Sometimes, being able to see your work flow can help you to keep the pace up and stay on task. With schedules and incentives to keep you or your employees motivated, you should notice a huge difference in your productivity levels overall.

Why Blend in When You Can Be Authentic and Standout‏

How many of you have seen a popular company make the attempt to rebrand themselves? I thought as much; almost all of you. Some brands got it right, but a few duds come to mind, like Gap (see below) and Arby’s that did it horribly wrong.

From a design standpoint, when attempting to redo an existing logo design for your business [that has worked well for years and possibly decades], it is important that the personality of that design is preserved. After all, these days branding is more than just visuals. It has evolved into the emotions you feel; the experiences you have interacting with that business’ product or service; and the memories you make.

Gap a lot of grief from loyal customers for trying a new logo
Gap a lot of grief from loyal customers for trying a new logo

Coca-Cola’s classic logo (unchanged for over 100 years) and its “Open Happiness” global campaign are great modern examples of doing it right. Two words come to mind — brand loyalty. When redesigning your logo, bear in mind what your company represents and what you have envisioned for its expansion in the short, medium, to long-term. Form is as important as function; do not forget that.

Do not give up your ‘competitive advantage’! Your brand should be able to tell a story and its visuals are a part of that storytelling. Before you rebrand try to keep in mind the importance of your product and if you are a designer (like myself), before you take on a rebranding project, focus on your client’s unique identity and preserve that explicitly or subtly as is necessary.

Virtually unchanged for 115 years
Virtually unchanged for 115 years

Often times when a business begins to experience growth, in sustaining or expanding that growth potential we seek out ways to improve our product(s) and service(s). Do not be fooled to think that an “improvement” in your brand has to involve a 180 degree move. New is not always better. Old is sometimes best. Sometimes all we need to do is give what has been working a bit of a polish to make it just a little shinier. It “pays” to be authentic.

Disclaimer: NOT a promotional endorsement for Coca-Cola, but their logo’s pretty damn cool.

Editor’s Note: Updated on April 29, 2015

Rock Breaks Scissors. Original Beats Copy Every Time!

When you are having your logo designed for personal, professional or business usage, always be sure to confirm whether or not the graphic designer used ‘stock or free images’ in the overall design.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure all the visual components in the design are originals. You do not want to be infringing on anyone’s ‘intellectual property (IP)’.

Original designs can be done through sketching and inking to digital reproduction as the end result using Adobe® Illustrator®.

For more on intellectual property, see link –