The Handbook for Millennial Entrepreneurs

There are more self-employed people now than ever before, which means there are more entrepreneurs than ever before too. That is partly because millennials don’t want to work there way up a corporate ladder for 40 years and then retire, and partly because the technological age we live in has allowed people to take advantage of their ideas in a way that was never before achievable.

However, before you start working toward your first solo business success, there are few things that every young entrepreneur should know about first.

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Don’t Launch Too Early, Or Too Late

This is such a common error among both young entrepreneurs and young creatives. Go and speak to any successful writer about the mistakes they made when they were starting out and they will all tell you about perfection. They will tell you that perfection doesn’t exist and that your focus should simply be with finishing something. As a rule, as long as your product is capable of offering value to your customers then it is ready to launch. That is the benchmark you should be working with. Get your business up and running – get your product or service out there – and improve along the way.

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Make Yourself Seen

If there is one thing the technological world has brought with it, it is white noise. There is so much information out there that it is almost impossible to make any sense of it. There is also so much information out there that never gets seen. A question that the experts at often ask their clients to ask themselves is, when was the last time they went past the first page of Google? Exactly. That is why it is important you understand how to maximize your SEO strategy, and knowing how to integrate it within your other methods to get the most out of it and ensure your business is seen. Invisibility in not an attractive superpower for any business.

Business Plans Aren’t The Be All And End All

Yes, there was once an age where businesses couldn’t succeed without a 200-page business plan and a rigid on at that. But these days are gone, and the age of running with a small idea is here. That doesn’t mean you should go with the wind and just hope for the best, it just means you should be prepared to be flexible. Have an idea of where you want your business to get to and how. Have an understanding of how you want to function, what brand image you would like to give off, what you will need help with, what you don’t understand and what you don’t want to be bogged down with. These are not specifics, these are broad guidelines, but important ones to consider.

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Reinvest In Yourself ASAP

The first few months to a year require you to be seriously money-savvy and lean. That is because you will need to have enough money to keep your business going and enough money to support yourself. That is where reinvesting in your business comes in, because reinvesting allows growth, and that growth will be the thing that supports a healthy level of self-sufficiency. It doesn’t mean growing as quick as possible. According to, it just means investing half of what you earn as a means to grow where you see a need for it, such as your marketing strategies, employee engagement, the need to outsource, developing your business operations or even expanding your product line.