A Quick Music Video Review: ‘The Writing’s On the Wall’ by OK Go.

OK Go, an American alternative rock band originally from Chicago, Illinois, currently residing in Los Angeles, California is set to release ‘Hungry Ghosts’, their first new OK Go studio album in four years.

Who remembers their famous video all shot with them doing choreographed moves on treadmills? By the way, that song was called ‘Here It Goes Again’. If this new video is any indication, there might be a few more creative masterpieces on their way.

In this video, OK Go uses art and design to create mind-bending optical illusions that will leave you saying “OK, no” or maybe even “OK, what?!”. The song itself is “OK”, but it’s the video that makes it all worth the 4mins and 17 seconds.

To shoot the entire video in one take, must’ve taken them tremendous preparation, but it paid off. One can only imagine how many retakes and rollbacks they probably went through.

Well worth it!!

Look Up From Your Phone! Poem Shatters Everything Social Media Claims to Be!

With powerful lines that gets you to stop and think, this poem is so good you won’t even blink. Share with your friends in a real way, we all are deluded and have already missed today.

I couldn’t resist being poetic with my opening paragraph there either when he delivers lines like this:


Written, performed & directed by British Filmmaker and Spoken Word Artist Gary Turk, in under five minutes he manages to have us rethink how our days are spent. What is the value of a minute looking at the world through our own God given lens, versus the lens of the web.

British filmmaker Gary Turk in his element
British filmmaker Gary Turk in his element

I too want to live in the real world, because life’s so short. Ironically we have to look at our smartphones, computers and tablets to watch this, but afterwards you should put them down. Live a little.

Editor’s Note: Updated on May 08, 2015

Using Your Talents to Do Good in the World! Introducing the BuffaloGrid

It’s inventions like this one, the BuffaloGrid that makes me admire social entrepreneurship. Their memorable and powerful tagline says it all in three words — “Power transforming lives.”.

Connecting a connected world without a formal electricity supply creates jobs and grows an economy. BuffaloGrid achieves this with their equipment that is given to small-scale operators for free.

I strongly believe we must all use our talents to do good in the world to make it better.

Watch. Learn. Share. Inspire.

Everything about Brasil Will Move You: the Making of Rio 2016 Logo

Quite possibly one of the most intricate designs that I have ever come across for a logo design. The interesting thing too is that the design can be produced in three-dimension and that makes for a pretty fun time!

I also admire, and I know you will too, the tremendous research that went into producing a rephreshing Olympic logo. FINALLY!!

Here’s to Brasil… one for the ages!!

The True “Weight” of a Simple Piece of Paper.

“Keep It Simple, Stupid!” is an approach I firmly believe in especially as a graphic designer. Simplicity always seem to trump complexity when it relates to impact. For this reason I felt it was important for me to share this story and this amazing product that is impacting and changing our world for the better.

This inventor has stumbled on an idea that in retrospect appears so simple, it seems as though anyone could have created it. However, I would not agree with that assumption since she’s the only one who has ever conceptualised, patent and developed it into an actual product.


Meet Kavita M. Shukla, the Inventor and Founder/CEO of Fenugreen. She’s described as “a pioneer in the movement towards sustainable, active, natural food packaging”. I think she definitely deserves to be called a “pioneer” solidified by her mission of “Fresh for ALLand business model that promotes ‘corporate social responsibility (CSR)’ through its “Buy a pack, give a pack” campaign. After you watch this TEDxTalks video via YouTube, you too will that this young inventor is truly a pioneer.

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