Unique Places You Can Use To Promote Your Business

When you’re running a small business, it can be hard to build a following. One of the best ways to promote yourself is by getting out there, talking to potential customers, and handing out flyers and brochures. But don’t just stick to corporate events and city centres. Sometimes to build some buzz, you need to tap into unique places to promote your business.

Having brand ambassadors go out to unconventional locations can help you reach new markets. You can find customers who might never have heard of your company before. It also shows you’re an innovative and unique business. Here are some places that can be excellent for business promotion.

Live Music Events

Concerts and gigs can be fantastic places for business promotion. You can reach out to a range of age groups while they’re having fun and teach them about your business.

It’s worth hiring some brand ambassadors to go to such events and market your company. Services such as Kru Live can provide you with a promo team for any kind of event. Beverage companies can sell particularly well at music events. But any business can use a simple idea like handing out cards with QR codes.

Music festivals are also excellent for business promotion. Many will let you set up a stall. You might want to look into small festivals in your local area for promotional opportunities.

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University Campuses

If you’re aiming for a young audience, then universities are ideal for promoting your business. It might not be a good time right now, as many students have gone home for Christmas. But when the winter semester starts, you should get a team to hand out marketing materials on nearby campuses.

You can also have ambassadors pass flyers around student halls. Businesses such as clubs, takeaway shops, and taxi services often do this to grab new student customers.

You might even want to hire a student ambassador team. Many students go on the hunt for casual jobs. Offering them money to hand out merchandise or promotional flyers for you can help you expand your reach and build your brand.

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Sporting Events

Sporting events can also be useful for getting your business name out there. Marketing banners are often plastered across stadiums, boxing rings, and sports jerseys.

You might not be able to afford advertising space in a huge football stadium. But you can think more small-scale. You might want a sponsor a local sports team or athlete. Local sponsorship can benefit both you and the person or people you sponsor. It can get your name out into the public in return for you investing in their sport.

You could also have a team go to sporting events to promote your business to fans. It can be helpful, especially if your company has some link to sports or fitness.

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Clubs And Pubs

You might want to send a promotions team out to clubs and pubs. They can talk to locals and get them interested in whatever you have to offer. It’s another useful way to get in touch with a younger audience- although some places do have higher age ranges.

You could also get in contact with a local establishment to put on a joint event. Maybe you want to sponsor a charity karaoke event. Or perhaps you want to put on a novelty pool tournament. Partnering with a pub or club to host a unique local event can help a lot in promoting both your businesses.