Unique Ways to Engage with Social Media Using Lessons from Wendy’s

Creative ways to use social media are incredibly popular. The more unique or controversial your use for social media is, the better it generally is for exposing your brand. However, the more outlandish it is, the more questionable it also becomes. There’s a unique balance to strike in order to make something exciting and get it talked about in the media, and this article seeks to teach you that balance and how you can also use your creative skills (or the skills of a freelancer or employee) to use social media in ways that break the norm.

Lessons from Wendy’s Tweets

At the beginning of the year, Wendy’s (the popular fast food chain) blew up across social media due to a series of tweets that were written to roast (criticise in a humorous manner) other Twitter users. Responses commonly involved other fast food chains and were occasionally quite offensive. Essentially they were master trolls.

In the past, this would have been a complete marketing failure and the company would’ve received a lot of criticism. However, the trend caught on at a good time where jokes were abundant on the internet and roasting was part of the internet culture that makes it so difficult to tame.

Going with trends is important, but it’s always going to be a gamble. If you have an advertising agency working for you, then it’s a good idea to speak to them about how you can take advantage of current internet trends in order to garner more attention. Many people on the internet speak the same lingo and language, which means you need to speak differently on the internet than you do in real life if you want to appeal to a wider audience.

This altered personality needs to shine through your social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and you need to get a good reaction out of the public in order to remain noticed and get your big break, especially if you’re a small startup.

Interactive Social Media

Customers love to get involved, and as long as it only takes a couple of clicks and there are no downloads involved, internet users are more than likely going to be interested in any unique interactive advertisements you have.

For instance, storytelling can be a powerful tool to add to your advertising campaigns. Instagram allows for users to click on images in order to link to other images, and this can create a storyboard-like effect that is both interactive and fun to play around with.

You can use this to create an interactive catalog on social media or you could use it to create a story. Either way, it’s a unique (but often difficult) way to apply social media in order to stand out. It’s unique, but it can also be seen as pretentious if it’s not done correctly.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some good advice on how you can use social media in unique ways. As long as you follow trends, break the norm and do something new, you’ll be able to create a unique a fantastic marketing campaign that sets itself apart from the rest.