Why You Should Get Your Business Involved In Fundraising

Becoming an entrepreneur takes a positive mindset, unrelenting drive and that all important money-making idea. Once you have established yourself within your industry sector and you have brought a viable product to market, you may have grand visions of expansion and driving up profits. Becoming a market leading business enables you to reside in a privileged position at the top of your sector and gives you a solid foundation from which to unleash the next part of your business vision. However, you could also choose to use your position to give something back to the community in which you are based. Here’s why fundraising for a local project is an activity worth considering.

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Forging Community Links

As a business, you risk becoming detached from the area in which you are situated. It’s vital that you know what is going on around you and foster a positive relationship with the locals. If you are planning on building an extension to your premises, you don’t want to risk alienating the local community or risk having them scupper your plans by protesting to planning departments.

It’s vital that you are able to communicate with the locals and show them the benefits of having you around. The best way to do this is to organise some fundraising activities, using your network of contacts to set up events that will raise money for the local school, contribute to the building of a new hospital ward or support armed forces charities to aid local war veterans living close by.

Your reputation as a responsible, ethical and fair business will also be enhanced.

Corporate Auction

One of the most lucrative and simple ways to raise money for a good cause is a corporate auction. You can invite all of your contacts who will see this as an opportunity to network and enhance their own company reputations by bidding on a few lots for charity.

It makes sense to employ a corporate event planning specialist to take care of the logistics such as the catering, the decor, and any transportation requirements. This way you can get on with sourcing auction lots and filling the room full of bidders with cash laden pockets.

Encourage your colleagues, suppliers and fellow business leaders to contribute to the good cause on the promise of some free promotion. If you are a regular down at your local golf club, see if they will contribute a couple of free lessons with a pro or a golfing weekend away. They will see the giveaway as an astute marketing ploy.

If you use a particular restaurant as a business meeting hub, there is a good chance that they will throw in a luxury candlelit dinner for two and some free champagne as one of your lots to keep your business and develop their own customer base.

Find yourself a great auctioneer. This could, of course, be you or you can employ a professional to work his or her magic and drive up the bidding. Corporate auctions are great fun, allow people some rest bite from the stresses of work, and can raise lucrative amounts for worthy causes.

Image Credit: Pexels

Bake Sale

You may want to go down a more informal route of fundraising to get the local community and your staff team together to work for a common goal. By setting up an event like a bake sale, you can encourage everyone in your company to show off their culinary prowess to then sell their iced buns, chocolate eclairs and red velvet cupcakes to the locals.

Getting out and meeting the people in your community will show them that you are human and not the giant corporate beast with three heads that they had envisioned.

Something Internal

If you’re not quite ready to meet the community but still want to embark on some fundraising, consider setting up a sweepstake. Think about a sporting event that may be coming up like the football World Cup or the Super Bowl and allow colleagues to purchase a team at random. This money goes into a pot ready to be split evenly between the winner and the local community project.

Being a responsible business that forges links with its community is a good way to enhance your reputation and be seen in a positive light by customers. But more than this, it is simply the right thing to do when you find yourself in the fortunate position of leading a successful and thriving business. Choosing to give something back to the community may be one of the best decisions you ever make.