Working From Home And How To Be Your Own Entrepreneur!

Working from home has never felt so good! The benefits are there for everybody to see and you can work at your own pace as long as you reach your personal numbers by the end of the day. Being your own entrepreneur is sometimes stressful, but by working from home, you can do your own thing and reap the benefits.

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You’ve made a lifestyle choice and it couldn’t have gotten any better. You can now prepare your own healthy meals, do exercise when you wish to and run your own business from your office at home. You’re passionate and driven about your business so you’re not prone to distraction during working hours. Procrastination has been the downfall to many a work- from- home- business and you’re not about to fall into that trap. Okay, you have the radio turned on, but there’s nothing wrong with tapping your foot to the beat occasionally is there?

You’ve done your own website, which has been a hit with your dedicated social media followers. There’s an array of eye catching images highlighting the products you’re selling and the concise and friendly, yet persuasive language you use to describe them, relate well with the reader. Your contact details are at the forefront of the page in big, bold lettering, and highlight both your phone number and your work email address. Social media has also been a big plus for you.

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It’s tough for lifestyle based businesses to get going, but you’ve hit the nail firmly on the head by advertising your company, using the many benefits of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Interest in you has never been so high and you save money too, as this form of marketing is entirely free. Yet whenever you struggle with any aspect of your business, you look online and seek out IT support. You’re not too proud to sometimes rely on others.

You save time and money in other areas of your business too. There’s no commute to work in all that heavy stressful traffic every morning, plus you can make your lunch from home instead of going to that shop every day and purchasing an overpriced sandwich. There are family benefits too. Instead of only seeing your kids just before lights out, you can now do the school run with them and then pick them up after school. You make sure you get your work done before then.

Work time is work time and family time needs to be focused on family time. At the end of each working day, leave the space you operate your business from and don’t go back in there until the following morning. You need to create that barrier. Always ensure you sleep well the night before. Don’t make it a late night. That’s what weekends are designed for. Ensure you’re up and at ‘em the next morning and ready to bring in those high numbers once more.

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Being your own entrepreneur is such an exciting challenge and one that you have relished. You’ve combined the best bits from the office together with your home life and made a great mark on the business world.

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  1. I think it’ll eventually move beyond a “dream” and become the new reality as traditional companies continue to downsize for one reason or the other. Post-global recession of 2009, a lot of companies have also been opting more for contract workers, instead of permanent staff.

    I’d encourage everyone to look at a business opportunity and start working on it now while they’re still in a job.

    Remote working is slowly becoming the norm.

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