YouTubers Snowboard through the Streets of NYC

What do you do after your city has faced down one of the worse blizzards on record?! You take to the streets of course! Leave it to Casey Neistat to go snowboarding through the streets of New York City (NYC)!

If you’ve never heard of or seen Casey’s short films and daily vlogs, you can check out the blog I wrote on the super-talented storyteller. I’ll put the link below.

Who wouldn’t want to be out in that “winter wonderland”! I’ll tell you this much, this videos going to go VIRAL. Casey has found another winter…errr winner. Props to his partner in crime and famous YouTuber and Vlogger Jesse Wellens as well for this unforgettable collaboration.

It left me smiling from start to finish. Watch and enjoy!

Here’s the blog post –

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