5 Reasons Why No One Is Visiting Your Website

Having a website is essential to any business nowadays, but simply having a site doesn’t always guarantee visitors. Here are a few reasons as to why you may not be getting the traffic you deserve and how you can make changes to entice people over.

Your web address is putting people off

Your web address doesn’t have to shout what your company is about. However, it does need to be memorable, easy to type, and easy to read. Your address shouldn’t be over three words and you should try to avoid using numbers as replacements for letters.

Like a ‘1’ instead of an ‘I’, so that people hearing your website name out loud can easily search it. You should also make sure that it has no other unintended meanings — for e.g. ‘Teachers Talking’ becomes ‘teacherstalking’ that could be misinterpreted!

Your search engine rankings are low

If people are searching for your service on Google and your website doesn’t appearing until the tenth page, it’s unlikely you’ll get many visitors. Investing in a marketing company that offers SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) could be a way of getting your website to the front page. This will increase your chances of people seeing your site and clicking on it.

You have no other web presence

Search engines aren’t the only way people discover new websites. In fact, there are a multitude of other places where people may be able to stumble across you. You could create a Facebook page and share your website there. You could get somebody to blog about your services and link your website in there. You could even pay another company to promote your website on social media, blogs, and all other channels. And of course you can pay for internet ads, which will direct people who click on them to your website.

You’re not promoting your website offline

Just like your business phone number, you should be advertising your website everywhere you go as a means of contact. This should include flyers, business cards, branded items such as pens, t-shirts and newspaper ads. If you’ve got a company vehicle, you can even get your website branded on the side. Many people now have smartphones and can connect to the web wherever they are — don’t waste the chance for someone to look you up online.

There’s little reason for visitors to return

You should be not only trying to attract first-time visitors but also previous visitors. Someone looking for the right company may want to do their research first and look at several websites first. You want yours to be the most memorable and alluring, which means taking the time to get your website professionally designed.

If people click on your website and it looks cheap or tacky, they may immediately click off and look elsewhere. A professional website should emphasise the fact that you’re a professional company. Like a storefront, the front page should also implore people to explore its contents, so make sure all pages and information are easy to navigate.