About.me™ makes for a really great find!

Recently I randomly stumbled on this website called about.me/

About.me like many platforms these days, allows you to quickly build a simple, yet visually elegant splash page that can direct visitors (traffic) to your various content from across the internet.

It gives you the flexibility of choosing backgrounds from their galleries or better yet, creating your own. Feel free to write a quick biography and add colours and fonts for that personalise touch that reflects who you are. Finally, you can add Apps and links to your About.me page that feature Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Google+, and so on.

With your page complete you are now able to replace all that “clutter” from your ’email signature’ with your own personal page. Here’s mine – http://about.me/Phil.Rodriques

I definitely recommend that every professional or aspiring professional create one. I’ll be the first to admit… it makes you look really good.

FIND + FOLLOW + LINK + READ = MY about.me page

My about.me customised phresh background.

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