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I just released my new eBook entitled A Bunch of Random Insight, Advice, and Inspiration: For Budding Entrepreneurs” on With 37 pages of content, my eBook costs around the price of your average mobile app. That’s value for money at only 2.99 USD. It doesn’t hurt too that it makes for a quick read. 

Here’s what you can expect to find:

After more than 12 years in the graphic design industry freelancing my way across some interesting projects, I have learned a lot of good and bad lessons. Within that time I have spent over the last three years blogging on freelancing, starting a business, running a business, getting paid, and avoiding “bad” clients.

Entrepreneurship can be a tough journey and some days are worse or better than others. For the bad days, I try to find inspiration and motivation to keep the dream alive.

Cover 04 copy

This edition will be focused on tips, advice, and lessons, in addition to uplifting words for budding entrepreneurs. The topics and content will be varied, but it is my hope that the take-away will help you to improve your own entrepreneurial pursuits. These include the following:

  • Scratch “Fake It” and Instead Chase It Until You Make It As Entrepreneurs
  • How to Quickly and Successfully Name Your New Startup
  • How to Get Your Winning Idea to the Finish Line
  • Why It’s Important to Be At Your Strongest
  • 12 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Richard Branson’s Autobiography, “Losing My Virginity”
  • 10 Ways for You to Approach a New Year of Business
  • There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Too Ambitious

I’d love to hear what you thought about it. I’ll be using your feedback to improve the next release. Buy it and enjoy it!

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One Basic Rule to Create a Good Marketing Strategy and Responsible Graphic Design

Bad marketing and graphic design… what does it look like? Well I think it looks a lot like this advertising campaign recently launched in South Wales, United Kingdom for the bus company New Adventure Travel. First rule: Always create ideas with your audience in mind. That’s key.

The campaign slogan plus imagery just took the wordplay a tad too far
The campaign slogan plus imagery just took the wordplay a tad too far

Always consider the current realities and societal issues. In this case gender equality and gender discrimination (sexism) are topics trending globally. Ultimately there are those who will say the campaign was a success assuming you by the cynical phrase, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Milton Glaser is one of America's most celebrated graphic designers known for iconic logo and poster designs
Milton Glaser is one of America’s most celebrated graphic designers known for iconic logo and poster designs

However, if you want to take the high-road then craft both socially conscious and socially responsible marketing strategies and promotional material. Well-known Graphic Designer Milton Glaser (the “I ♥ New York” logo guy) once said, “There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” Keep that in mind and at the end of the day, you’ll avoid a lot of online backlash and money lost.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Posters Revealed

Movie Director, Zack Snyder has revealed the new teaser posters for the upcoming superhero movie ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ scheduled for release on March 25, 2016.

The movie sees Henry Cavill reprising his role as Superman/Clark Kent with Ben Affleck brought into the fold as everybody’s favourite billionaire (Iron Man/Tony Stark’s being a close contender) and detective, Batman/Bruce Wayne. The plot is still unknown, but the official teaser trailer does give some degree of insight into the story. Also, we do know this is the foundation on which The Justice League movies will be built.

What we do know for certain is that these teaser posters are stellar! The colours, the textures, the effects and story behind each one is astounding to me. The level of epic with these designs is through the roof. DC Comics has a winner on its hands.

“Not too shabby!”

Superman poster with the Batman logo atop it in newspaper rough cut out
Superman poster with the Batman logo atop it in newspaper rough cut out bathed in reds and blues

“I like the overall look of the posters.”

The Batman poster features a rough cut out of the Superman logo
The Batman poster features a rough cut out of the bright red Superman logo adding contrast to the black and grey below it

Share your thoughts and feel free to pin these to your Pinterest boards. You can also find me on Pinterest via

The New Trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man Looks like a Big Hit

Who’s excited for this new release?! With so many blockbusters lined up for this summer, Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas looks set to be a huge hit in my opinion. Marvel Entertainment keeps getting it right when it comes to creating comic book adaptations for the big screen.

Watch the trailer below and get ready for what looks like a wild train ride. Speaking of trains, there’s a sequence in this trailer that is guaranteed to get you laughing. Ant-Man (and some super-tiny friends) marches into theatres July 17th.

Microsoft Introduces to the World its HoloLens

“The era of holographic computing is here.

When you change the way you see the world,
you can change the world you see.”

Game on! Microsoft pretty much just took design and an endless list of other applications to a whole new frontier.

Have a peek at what their new HoloLens can do, enabled by the new Windows 10.

New Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer Has Arrived!

If you’ve been on some other planet for the last several months, let me bring you up to speed. Marvel’s Avengers suit up and assemble to take on possibly their greatest foe yet, Ultron — an insane rogue sentient robot. You can thank me later!

Avengers: Age of Ultron swoops into theatres (cinemas depending on where you’re from) May 1st! I’ll be there with popcorn and soda in hand.

What’s Your Definition of a ‘Superstar’? Take it Away Adidas!

German powerhouse Adidas employs the faces of Pharrell Williams (music producer), David Beckham (footballer), Rita Ora (artiste) and Damian Lillard (basketballer) to share their opinions on what a superstar is not. Clearly this whole time we’ve been misled. Oh the deception!

From all accounts, we’re all superstars! That’s just fine by me. With this revelation though, why didn’t Adidas call me or you to be in this Ad? I’m slightly insulted.

As a graphic designer and illustrator, I do love and appreciate the clever use of Adidas’ famous three stripes as a strike-through to word superstar. Freaking brilliant!

Anyway, check out the new Ad that’s basically trying to get you to buy the Superstar shoe, first launched by Adidas back in 1969.

Virgin Atlantic’s New Ad Drops Some Inspiration on Us in a Kickass Way

‘The Idea’ – Virgin Atlantic’s new ad packs quite a punch that hits home in just 81 seconds (video below).

The narration’s on-point and I’m sure it’ll have you (like it did me) thinking about gambling, Las Vegas and mobster flicks. A clever way to drive home that the stakes are high and there’s a lot to lose!

This one’s for all of us and it’s key message — “Life doesn’t come to you, so go to it and let it fly” goes beyond just being a well-conceived advertisement into a powerful mantra we can adopt to our lives.

Coca-Cola FM Amplifier Made from a Teen Magazine: TURN IT UP!

Watch demo video: JWT website

The goal of putting an advertisement in a magazine is to make money, not lose it. With that said, marketing a product or service doesn’t always require a mega budget (relatively speaking, of course). Sometimes all you need is a little creativity and capitalising on growing trends. In this instance, we see how analog and digital realms can come together to create something beautiful. Thanks to international advertising agency, J. Walter Thompson Brazil (JWT), the Coca-Cola App was launched using the famous teen magazine, Capricho.

Coca-Cola FM is an online entertainment platform that targets Latin American consumers with relevant music, video, live events, conversations, and social media-powered content. It was launched back in 2009 and is now available in 13 countries, providing “a 24/7 platform for teens to listen – and to be listened to”. Its problem — promoting its App.

Teens listening music
Teens listening music

According to a new eMarketer report, there will be 4.55 billion mobile users and 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide this year. With smartphone ownership showing no end in sight and with the release of Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, traditional outlets who built their business in print are always looking for ideas to stay relevant. In an age where many companies are moving towards going paperless, some countries are yet to get there.

Attached to the cover, the art allows readers to turn the magazine into an amplifier
Attached to the cover, the art allows readers to turn the magazine into an amplifier

So here’s what you had to do: 1. Roll up the magazine. 2. Pick up your smartphone. 3. Turn on the App. 4. Put your phone in the spot (cut-out). 5. Enjoy the MUSIC! How simple was that (even with the basic physics behind it)!!

Even simpler, the amplifier was a hit and has been seen by over a million people online not to mention featured on a myriad of blogs, websites and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, thus increasing the Coca-Cola.FM App download by a whopping 400%! All it took was an investment of US$18,000 that translated into US$320,000 of FREE media. I’d tag this a success!!