Discovering That Your Life Has Purpose Is Your Truth

We all ask ourselves the question, “What was I put on this Earth to do?” However, you may be reading this and saying to yourself, “I’ve never asked that”, only you have, you just worded it differently. You might have said “What am I doing with my life?” or “What should I be doing?” or “Is this how I want to spend my life?”; essentially, it’s all the same. Everyday we are looking to discover our purpose.

I’ve pretty much spent the last few weeks trying to reshape my purpose. Recently it occurred to me that maybe I was born to lift people’s spirits through humour, encouraging words and vibrant images (illustrations and photography).

In the Amazon Rainforest, diversity is the name of the game with thousands of plants, insects, birds and animals all co-existing together. Sometimes in our own lives we have so many different things happening at once that it makes uncovering our purpose really difficult, but perhaps it can all co-exist.

When you’re sitting still (call if meditation if you wish), you’re giving yourself enough time to do some deep-thinking, to ask yourself some thought provoking questions outside of “I wonder what’s for lunch?”. I find the revelations will eventually come to you.

I’m confident it involves consistently changing direction and sometimes going with the wind or riding the biggest waves that will get us ashore. We must know where we want our lives to go and not the one marred in the status quo. Spend your days living for yourself. If you go by what society expects, you are ultimately living someone else’s life and that would be nothing more than living a lie.

Life’s short. Before you squint you’re old and grey and you will look back thinking how much better spent it could’ve been if only you took the time to find our purpose. Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken” comes to mind. Have a gander.

The Road Not Taken poem by Robert Frost


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  1. There are two things that motivate people in life, desperation or inspiration. Our circumstances will determine which one will be our source of motivation. This article has served as a comforting inspiration for me and I’m sure for many others. Life is really about living with the aim of making positive impact on yourself and the people you come in contact with. Thanks Phil you moved me once again.

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