Dream a Little Bigger than You Did the Day Before

Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” I have been blogging since April 2012 and within that time, I have written 120 posts. Each time I write it has given me greater confidence to put what I need to say out into the world. I will be brutally honest though; there have been many a moments when it has gotten frustrating. Every person who writes hopes to have their work read and appreciated by someone else. When you write on a platform like WordPress, that appreciation in the perfect world would equate to likes, comments and shares across social media platforms. If only.

Walt Disney drawing the famous mouse that started it all
Walt Disney drawing the famous mouse that started it all

In almost three years, I have had 8,320 views thanks to 5,162 visitors (1,752 followers) from every continent on the planet excluding Antarctica; maybe because Emperor penguins have no internet. That was no easy feat. It has taken relentless self-promotion (horn tooting) using popular social media platforms day in, day out. Some days are better than others. But I have never given up.

Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to grow my audience exponentially, but I was not sure how I would pull that off. I have been following blogs and vlogs (a video blog) on the Virgin Group’s website for years now and I have learned a tremendous amount particularly on entrepreneurship. It seemed like the perfect platform and I was able to get an opportunity to write a guest blog on the theme “How to turn an idea into reality”.

The iconic bright red Virgin Group logo
The iconic bright red Virgin Group logo

I really wanted to ensure that this blog was one of the best. I spent a little over a week creating countless drafts through constant writing and editing. After sending my blog “across the pond” (to Britain) to the content manager at Virgin.com, I was told it would go live on February 11, 2015. That was probably the longest wait of my life (even though it was only two weeks)!

We all get those moments when we dare to dream just a little bigger than our last dream. We also end up questioning our own abilities and unknowingly wing up limiting ourselves. We should never be afraid of the unknown; trust your gut feeling and do what it tells you. My biggest fear and questions were around people’s reception to my writing style since this was an entirely new audience. I would soon get the answers that ended up becoming confirmation of what my gut had been telling me.

lego bricks
LEGO® was a huge part of my childhood memories

The day finally arrived and I woke up around 8 a.m. (1 p.m. in the United Kingdom) like a kid on Christmas morning and went online. There it was, my long awaited blog, 10 lessons on developing ideas from Shubham Banerjee’s story! That was one of the best feeling I have ever had and kudos to the team at Virgin.com, they did a fantastic job laying out the story; the visuals were perfect. I think I spent many an interval throughout the day monitoring the ‘shares’ and comments. I’ll be honest, I kept checking every day for maybe the first two weeks. After that I was satisfied with the momentum it had picked up. Even better my wife, friends and family loved it too.

Braigo Labs' young CEO Shubham Banerjee with his DIY braille printer invention Photo credit: Niloy Banerjee
Braigo Labs’ young CEO Shubham Banerjee with his DIY braille printer invention
Photo credit: Niloy Banerjee

It has been a little over a month since my blog got published. I am happy to report that it has been shared over 3,000 times across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. It is also on of the website’s recommended and one of the most shared blogs. The best part for me was reading all the comments directly on Facebook, LinkedIn and the Virgin Group’s website. A lot of people were inspired by my writing and the 10 lessons I outlined for turning an idea into reality.

I have been invited to be a regular contributor with Virgin.com. My next blog goes live on March 31st and you guessed it, I have been steadily counting down the days. As lesson # 10 in my aforementioned blog stated, “Dream up big ideas to match big ambitions. Only your mind can limit your ideas and your attitude your ambition.”

Go change your world!

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