Google serves up $300 million worth of solar panels for US homes

Tech giant, Google has just invested a staggering $300 million in solar panels to help home owners across 15 US states make the move into cleaner energy.

Google will be partnering with SolarCity, made famous by tech magnate Elon Musk. Once the solar panels are installed, SolarCity will be charging the residents a lower bill than the traditional utility that used fossil fuels.

It’s a very strategic move by Google who are “currently using renewable energy to power 35% of our operations, and we continue to look for ways to increase our use of clean energy.” They’ve made agreements to fund $1.5 billion in renewable energy projects. More ‘power’ to Google!

This is Google’s second investment in SolarCity, joining their mission in providing a better way to power homes and businesses while contributing to a cleaner Earth. To date, SolarCity has raised funds sufficient to finance more than $4 billion in solar systems. They boast that “a new customer signs up with us every 3 minutes”. That’s a staggering 175,200 people annually.

Over the next decade, I anticipate even in the developing world, the solution to the energy crisis will be renewable. It’s far more accessible and versatile when it comes to harvesting and installation in comparison to traditional fuels and infrastructure.

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