How to Master the Business Recruitment Skill With These 7 Tips

Do you want your products to fly off the shelves, digital or physical? Do you want to raise awareness of the brand? Would you like to be a market leader in the industry, an example for people to look to? Of course, the answer to these questions is an emphatic yes. But, I’ll let you in on a secret: it is not possible without employees. In fact, scratch that: it isn’t doable without the right employees. For you business to go to the next level, it is essential to recruit the best of the best. Unfortunately, lots of companies either don’t know how or make mistakes which put their goals in jeopardy. Recruiting is a skill, and you need to train it if you want to have any chance of success. So, to help, this post is going to focus on mastering the art that is staffing. Don’t worry; you can say your thanks later!

Have High Standards

There is a story about the Foo Fighters which links to recruitment. Dave Grohl, the legendary drummer, and front man fired multiple drummers before Taylor Hawkins. The reason? None of the ones before him were better than Grohl himself. He released that unless he could add value, it was pointless hiring a person who wasn’t up to scratch. Now, this sounds simple because businesses avoid lemons like the bubonic plague. But, it also applies to the solid workers who have all the credentials. Just because their resume is strong doesn’t mean they will add value. What you have to think about is what they are replacing and what you already have. If the applicant is not to the same standard, they should not be a part of the team.

Look Past Their Credentials

It is worth noting that a resume is a valuable document in any recruitment search. But, it is not the be all and end all which dictates who you employ. Sure, the candidates need to hit certain criterion, and you can check that off the list from their resume. But, you must remember that words on a page are not actions. Lots of companies have recruited an individual who was great on paper but didn’t make it. The reason for this is their personality.

Some workers don’t have what it takes to succeed in a fast-paced environment, for example, which is why you should look past their qualifications. Instead, concentrate on their human characteristics. Are they driven? Is money important or do they prefer a better balance between work and life? Are they introverts or extroverts? Answers to these questions will give you a better understanding of the person and if they are a good fit.

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Ignore the Irrelevant

Staying on the topic of resumes, it is no secret applicants fill theirs with filler. It is a classic trick which employers fall for to this day. Therefore, it is your job to look out for the irrelevant and ignore it as immaterial. To do this, think about what the person must-have to do the job correctly and what features would help. Employers love to hire people with first aid experience because it is a legal requirement.

So, if a person has a medical qualification, they go to the top of the list. However, this individual might not be as qualified for the job the other people on the list. Seeing as their ability to do the job is the most important thing, you should focus on that first and foremost. Plus, it doesn’t take much to send a person on a health and safety course.

Streamline the Process

Probably the biggest issue facing recruiters is being overwhelmed. Quite simply, the process is a long and arduous one and it is complicated. Because you are dealing with hundreds of applications, there is a lot to keep up with and drill into your mind. So, it is not rare for the people in charge to mix up applicants or forget vital information. Although it is a slip, it is a big mistake to make, especially as the average person stays in a job for 4 years.

The trick is to break the task down into bite-size chunks so that you can handle each one at once. To do this, check out suppliers like Symfact who have management software which will revolutionize the search. Or, you can hire a professional to take on the responsibility. With an expert recruiter, they will find you the prime candidates so that you only have to conduct an interview.

Hire Passionate People

Studies suggest that 25% of people either don’t like or want to change jobs. One-quarter is a huge number, and it means you could hire someone who is only in it for the money. Some people might think it doesn’t matter as long as they do the job, but that is the wrong attitude. It matters because they will go through the motions just to collect a paycheck.

What you need are people who will go the extra mile to complete the task at hand. If they have no drive or passion, they will fall at the first hurdle. A savvy tip is to look for people who have a history with the firm or product. Anyone who lands their dream job is going to use their enthusiasm to impress, while an informed employee has knowledge on which to fall back.

Check References

You would think this is a no-brainer, but it isn’t always the case. As a rule, employers only check one reference. That means out of three references they put down, only one-third are validated. If that sounds bad, 66% of companies admit to checking them at all. Sorry to be cynical, but this is a huge error because candidates lie. Some tell white lies to enhance their appeal, while others lie about everything and pick it up as they go. You will never know if they are telling the truth unless you call the people on their reference list.

To be sure, check at least three, with a fourth being insurance.

Recruitment is not simple because there is a lot to cover. With these tips, it just got a whole lot easier.