Is it Worth Getting a Degree in Graphic Design?

I think education is always a great platform to have. I’ve been designing for the last nine years in the field of graphic designing. Outside of that I am also an Urban Planner so my education would be in that area. Everything in planning involves design and planning and I can see how that has influenced my ideation process.

Most of what I have learned has been learning while doing. In my own life I try to read as much as I can and I also like to pull ideas apart especially when I see something I really admire and I stop and think for a quick moment “How did they do that?!” I’ve also spent some of my time speaking with more experienced and far more successful Graphic Designers to see what I can garner from them technically and professionally.

After starting and running my own graphic design business for the last two years, I do feel that I would love to be exposed to more content but in a structured programme, so I would love to be in a classroom setting learning more about design. At this stage though, I don’t foresee wanting to spend three or four years to earn a degree.

At the end of the day, I think everyone’s genesis into the world of Design is very different, and we all need to find and make our own path. The most important deciding factor for me is knowing that I have the IMAGINATION to be creative and sometimes no amount of formal education can actualise that.