‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Is a Wild and Fun Ride at the Movies

“Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!” is easily my hands-down favourite line in Warner Bros’ “new” summer blockbuster, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)’! That line’s going to be iconic!

It’s an Australian post-apocalyptic action film directed by George Miller and stars Tom Hardy (Max Rockatansky), Charlize Theron (Imperator Furiosa) and Nicholas Hoult (Nux). This is the fourth film of Miller’s ‘Mad Max franchise’ and the first film of the franchise since the 1985 classic Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome’ that starred Mel Gibson (see below).


The film focuses on a daring escape from a ruthless warlord’s (Immortal Joe) henchmen in a high-speed, high octane, deadly chase through the Wasteland. The desert landscape is the perfect stage for this film. The sheer scale of the action sequences are massive and nothing short of spectacular. Their production budget of $150 million literally went up in smoke (pun intended)… and a lot of explosions.

Okay! So here’s my quick review and recommendation!

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy Photo credit: Warner Bros
Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy
Photo credit: Warner Bros

Oh, one other thing [bonus tip]… make sure you watch it in 3D!! Nothing else will do and it’s worth every penny! My predictions are that this is going to be a “runaway hit” that’ll go on to make at least $850 million at the box office (worldwide). This is not a paid endorsement.

Grab your friends and family and go have a good time! Now playing in theatres (cinemas) everywhere!