My Top 10 Most Popular Blogs!


In honour of hitting another major milestone for my blog site of 5,000 views, I thought it would be appropriate particularly on Throwback Thursday to showcase my 10 most popular posts.

Here they are as they rank in views. Enjoy.

  1. What Should You Charge for a Logo Design?
  2. On Pricing Your Work: Be Fair to Yourself.
  3. How Commercial Artists Evolved Into Graphic Designers: Paul Rand
  4. When Betting on a Winner Goes Wrong.‏
  5. Here’s a Quick Way to Name a Graphic Design Business.
  6. How to Make a Movie Poster Just as “golden” as an Oscar!
  7. Drawing is More Than Just Child’s Play… Sort Of!
  8. Working Pro Bono? Never Miss an Opportunity to Market Yourself.
  9. Arby’s New Logo Gets Lassoed! A “Phresh” Perspective.
  10. Look Up From Your Phone! Poem Shatters Everything Social Media Claims to Be!

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