Now That’s Compact Living! Tour This Tiny Parisian Bachelor Pad

Here’s a YouTube channel that I’ve followed for years that consistently puts out interesting features around architecture – design, alternate building, green buildings, tiny house movement, and everything in between. In this feature (running time: 7 minutes), Filmmaker and Documentarian, Kirsten Dirksen showcases a miniature bachelor pad or as the French say, garçonnière nicknamed “The Dollhouse”.

The small kitchen in the corner comes with all small appliances

It comes with all the “little” essentials such as a washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven. As Jaen-Malo explains, everything is custom and nothing is standard, which includes the bed that was cut to fit into the small bedroom upstairs.

The bedroom is simple and comes with storage for clothes and shoes

Once a storage space for a flower shop, homeowner Jean-Malo spent time and money converting it into a very compact and livable space allowing him to be on the doorsteps of downtown Paris (Pigalle).

It’s practical enough to make for a comfortable home and reflects the owner’s rustic and modern style. And if you’re ever thinking about a trip to Paris, this little space is available on AirBnb for rent $140 CAD ($108 USD) per night.

Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to Kirsten’s channel for other great stories.

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