Old 2005 Interview of Mark Zuckerberg Proves You Should Always Believe in Your Idea

How big is an idea? Just two week ago, Facebook launched its platform “Facebook Live” with the goal of giving users the “power to broadcast from a smartphone to anyone in the world”. An early interview of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg proves that it’s important to remain focused on what your ultimate goal will be.

Here we see a young Mark, 21-years old to be exact, discussing his then “new” social media startup “The Facebook” in Palo Alto and holding a beer no less.

When asked by the interviewer “What was The Facebook?”, Mark explains that it was “An online directory for colleges” and also that it was interactive. “Growing from one university (Harvard) to three other schools (Columbia, Yale, and Stanford) gaining thousands of users in a couple of weeks. Closed with 29 schools and “came out to the mythical place of Palo Alto”. From here on we all know how the story goes.

It’s a short video, but it has some great gems for newbie entrepreneurs. Here are the most important lessons from this early interview in my opinion:

  1. Define your goal.
  2. Refine your goal.
  3. Run quickly!
  4. Forget world domination.
  5. Don’t think about being acquired.
  6. Make a difference in the world.
  7. Stay focused!

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