Put The Fun Back In Funding: Financing A Startup When You're Low On Capital

One of the earliest difficulties in business comes long before the company is actually set up. To get going in any business, you need a certain amount of financial backing. Without this, it is unlikely that you will get far. But getting hold of that money can be a real challenge, even for the more experienced entrepreneurs out there.

When you don’t have any capital yourself, and you will be relying on others, it can be difficult knowing where to turn. There are countless funding options available to you, but which one is the best? The answer to this will depend on each situation’s own merits. Nonetheless, it is worth taking a look at the different kinds of funding option. That way, you will be able to make that decision much easier and faster. Then, you can get your business off to a strong and swift start.

Bank Loan

This first option is one of the most common, although let’s not say popular, options for funding a business. It is commonly used because, for the majority of first-time business owners, this is the method most likely to work. With a good enough pitch and a decent credit rating, you should be able to secure a bank loan and get your business started. The main disadvantage here, of course, is that you will be paying interest when you pay back the loan. If your startup is a roaring success in the first six months, then this might not be a problem. But if it is a disaster, then you could end up in deep trouble indeed. Tread carefully, and make sure you only borrow what you can reasonably expect to repay.

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A method for raising money which is becoming more and more popular in the past few years is crowdfunding. If you are not aware already, crowdfunding is the act of encouraging groups of people to club together for your venture. Often, they will receive certain incentives in response as a thank you for their support. For this to work, you have to have a business which people are likely to really go for, or believe in strongly. This is what will encourage people to hand over their cash to you. There are many different crowdfunding options out there, and it is worth checking them out. With any luck, you just might be able to fund your entire business this way.

Venture Capitalists

Venture capital is money that is given to startups in order to help them grow into healthy small businesses. Usually, it is given to those companies which are described as having both high-risk and high-growth potential. It is good to know that there is an option for such businesses, as when they succeed it is often these kinds of startups which do great things. Venture capitalists can provide a nice big lump sum of cash for a struggling young business. However, it is usually the case that this needs to be repaid within four to five years. It is up to you whether you think it is worth going along with this particular option.

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