Spend Some of Your Days Writing Accidental Poetry

This poem was purely accidental; as is always the case when inspiration finds us. I wrote it back in 2009 (a long time ago, I know) and published it via Facebook when everyone used “Notes”. I actually can’t recall the last time I wrote a poem and I really miss it. Perhaps this will be the inspiration to get me back to my traditional notepad and pen, like the good ol’ days. I hope you guys like it and if you don’t then tough break! [Kiddin’] Feel free to leave a comment, a like or just snap your fingers at the end.


A drift from reality
A daydream under the stars
A distraction needed
A journey afar
A place in time to call my own
A stumble in my imagination
A walk among the clouds
A melody of quiet
A peace deep within
A noise I can’t hear
A soul rides the wind
A relaxed me
A relaxed being
A relaxed ocean is what I’m seeing
A reality that draws near
A daydream now fades away
A reality that I shan’t fear
A daydream I must conjure up another day