Big up Your Brand with These Exposure Tips

If you dream of your brand one day becoming a household name, you need to build your brand exposure. While you might not reach Coca-Cola levels of fame, you could still become a well-known brand within your industry. At the moment, you might feel like there’s not much recognition for your brand. If you’re unsure, conducting a survey can help you find out what people think of you, including whether they recognise your name and logo, and if they know what you do. Think you’ve still got a long way to go to get the brand recognition you’re after? Here’s what you could do to change that.

Sponsor an Event or Charity

Getting your name or logo to appear anywhere other than your own marketing materials is always a smart move. Find an event you can sponsor — it will be great exposure for your brand. Sponsoring a charity event is one idea, but it definitely doesn’t need to be linked to a charity. Businesses and various organisations will also use sponsors to help them fund their events.

In return for your sponsorship, you’ll likely get a range of benefits, such as your logo on official event material. You might also consider attaching your brand to a charity for a longer partnership that benefits you both.

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Sign Up for Trade Shows and Conferences

Going to a trade show or conference can mean a lot of work, but it’s worth it to boost your brand’s presence. Some of them are for other businesses in your industry, while others are open to the public. Which type of event you choose might depend on whether you’re promoting B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business) products or could just relate to whose attention you currently want to get.

If you want to be successful, you need to make your trade show portable displays stand out. Getting some custom items made will ensure you present a strong brand identity at the event. If you decide to go to a conference or trade show, make sure you start organising early.

Get More Active on Social Media

Creating a strong online presence is essential in the modern age. Social media is one of the key factors to pay attention to if you want to get people talking about you. There are several ways to stay engaged on social media, from starting conversations to using paid advertising. Having a social media strategy will help to give you a direction that will build your brand.

Come Up with a PR Campaign

If you’ve got something you want to promote, a PR campaign could help to get your brand more exposure. You might simply want to tell the story of how your brand came to be. Or perhaps you’re about to release a new product or service. Maybe you’ve conducted a survey and found some interesting statistics.

Whatever it is you want to say, getting in touch with some media professionals could get your voice out there.

If you need more brand exposure, there are several things you can easily do. Take action instead of waiting for something to happen.

Talk to Me — Why Marketing Needs to Make the Audience Feel Included

The world of marketing has evolved a lot over the past decades, especially since the digital revolution. The increase of social media platforms and blogs has revolutionised the way customers interact with brands by giving them a voice. Being able to react to advertising and to comment on a brand’s messaging has given customers an essential role in the marketing strategy of a company.

They are not the audience that receives the advertising campaign. They have become the audience that needs to be fully part of the campaign. Making your target audience feel included in your digital and interactive marketing strategies is an essential step to business success.

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The Importance of Inclusion

Inclusion is part of a natural social need that people have, which is called social recognition. It is about feeling part of a group, whether it is your community, your team, or simply a group of customers. As a result, feeling included within the marketing messaging of a company is synonymous with being emotionally heard by the company.

By opposition exclusion, even though it is often non-intentional, can make customers feel less interested in your services or products. They don’t feel that they are understood or acknowledged. Consequently, they will prefer to look for a competitor who makes them feel included.

Addressing Common Queries Increases Leads

Digital marketing, thankfully, is full of ways of creating inclusions. The easiest of all is actually to listen to what your customers are saying. If you know how search engines and search terms, you will have certainly noticed that search engine optimization experts research the common query terms used by visitors.

These terms are used to generate new content pages that can directly answer the most common questions or issues. For instance, if you own a restaurant and you find that visitors often research paleo menus, you can create a page that describes you various paleo options. Doing this will allow your website to rank higher in the search results, and consequently attract more visitors.

Meeting Digital Expectations Boosts Conversions

Your visitors are used to navigating the Internet. That’s why they have expectations about your website. They need it to be accessible from all devices , to be clear and understandable, to be easy to use, and to load fast.

Indeed, if your website doesn’t meet these criteria, visitors will be looking to interact with competitor websites that do.

So when you create your website, it is important to place yourself in the mind of your customers. Only then can you design a platform that fulfills their needs. As a rule of the thumb, websites that fail to match customer expectations experience a drop in conversions of up to 60%.

Emotional Advertising Maximises Revenues

Emotional advertising is the art of creating a marketing message that relies on emotions instead of reasoning. Emotions are the safest connector between people and brands. Emotions can generate a purchase, while an informative argument will be analysed and compared.

Consequently, brands that use emotional messaging can talk and connect with their customers rapidly and effectively. Positive emotions, such as joy, increase sharing and engagement. A sad ad content is inspiring as it pushes your customers to want to improve their ways and to purchase your services.

In short, don’t forget to talk to your customers and listen to their needs. Include them in your marketing strategy so that you can help your interaction to grow and develop. 

Pulling Your Business From the Brink When It Starts to Sink

When your business operates in a competitive landscape, it’s a constant game of pushing your brand to the forefront of consumer consciousness and continually reinventing marketing campaigns along with services in order to retain customer interest and relevance in the industry.

Everything needs to be “new” at all times, and that’s a hard task to accomplish. Still, when your company lets such standards slip and fails to meet demand, the customers go elsewhere. That’s just business, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be the final nail in the coffin. If you want to pull your business back from the brink when it starts to sink then here are some tips which might just help you do so.

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Take a risk

You know what I’m talking about. Stop playing it safe, and we all know that businesses fall prey to this tactic when sales are low. It makes sense that you’d want to preserve the business’ profit and avoid bankruptcy or other disasters, but you’ll only be pushing yourself further out of the limelight by retreating.

You need to take a risk if you want your business to start turning heads again and recovering its position in the industry.

If you have a big idea, for example, then you might want to consider options such as SunWise business loans to help fund that project. You have to push your organisation out of its comfort zone in order to make money; otherwise, you’ll end up putting the company in a far less comfortable position when you start to lose consumer interest and run into the red.

Making a big move might be the only way to get into the public sphere of consciousness again.

The people count

If you really want to save your business then you need to come to understand this statement: the people count. It isn’t figures, fancy adverts, and physical assets which keep your company alive but the people behind every operation and the customers on the other end who buy your products or services.

Your business is sustained by people, and you need to start valuing those people more than anything else within your business if you want to save the company.

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You need to not only be rewarding employees for their hard work but offering incentives for promotions in order to boost productivity. You need to be creating a happy working environment so that your workers treat customers kindly and encourage them to stick with your organisation.

Of course, you need to be rewarding loyalty from your customers too; thank them for sticking around with great deals and referral schemes. Use your client-base to hook more people in.

Revamp your digital marketing campaign

If you don’t have a digital marketing campaign then you need to get one; if you do have a digital marketing campaign then you need to update it.

It all comes down to your company’s website; the SEO (search engine optimisation) needs to be on point if you want your name to be screamed from the rooftops by customers who stumble across it at the top of Google search page rankings. It needs to be optimised for all devices.

Who likes awkwardly scrolling across a webpage on a cell phone to read one sentence? Nobody.

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