Big up Your Brand with These Exposure Tips

If you dream of your brand one day becoming a household name, you need to build your brand exposure. While you might not reach Coca-Cola levels of fame, you could still become a well-known brand within your industry. At the moment, you might feel like there’s not much recognition for your brand. If you’re unsure, conducting a survey can help you find out what people think of you, including whether they recognise your name and logo, and if they know what you do. Think you’ve still got a long way to go to get the brand recognition you’re after? Here’s what you could do to change that.

Sponsor an Event or Charity

Getting your name or logo to appear anywhere other than your own marketing materials is always a smart move. Find an event you can sponsor — it will be great exposure for your brand. Sponsoring a charity event is one idea, but it definitely doesn’t need to be linked to a charity. Businesses and various organisations will also use sponsors to help them fund their events.

In return for your sponsorship, you’ll likely get a range of benefits, such as your logo on official event material. You might also consider attaching your brand to a charity for a longer partnership that benefits you both.

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Sign Up for Trade Shows and Conferences

Going to a trade show or conference can mean a lot of work, but it’s worth it to boost your brand’s presence. Some of them are for other businesses in your industry, while others are open to the public. Which type of event you choose might depend on whether you’re promoting B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business) products or could just relate to whose attention you currently want to get.

If you want to be successful, you need to make your trade show portable displays stand out. Getting some custom items made will ensure you present a strong brand identity at the event. If you decide to go to a conference or trade show, make sure you start organising early.

Get More Active on Social Media

Creating a strong online presence is essential in the modern age. Social media is one of the key factors to pay attention to if you want to get people talking about you. There are several ways to stay engaged on social media, from starting conversations to using paid advertising. Having a social media strategy will help to give you a direction that will build your brand.

Come Up with a PR Campaign

If you’ve got something you want to promote, a PR campaign could help to get your brand more exposure. You might simply want to tell the story of how your brand came to be. Or perhaps you’re about to release a new product or service. Maybe you’ve conducted a survey and found some interesting statistics.

Whatever it is you want to say, getting in touch with some media professionals could get your voice out there.

If you need more brand exposure, there are several things you can easily do. Take action instead of waiting for something to happen.

Organising Your First Conference? Check Out These Tips

Conferences are great for forging new connections, sharing new information and marketing your business. They can also be very difficult to get right. So, if you’re in the process of organising your first conference and you want it to be a roaring success rather than a huge flop, check out these useful tips:

Choose a Theme

It’s always easier to organise a conference when you at least have a loose theme to work with. This could be big data, cyber security or something completely different; it doesn’t matter; all that matters is that the theme relates to your industry in some way and has enough scope that you can find enough speakers to come along. Having a theme will also help to attract the right people.

Don’t Do It Alone

Running a conference is no mean feat. It is physically and emotionally draining not to mention expensive, so it’s never a bad idea to team up with other companies in your industry to throw a joint event that will be mutually beneficial for you all.

Think Speakers

As soon as you know you’re planning a conference, it’s time to think about your speakers. If you want your event to be a success, you need the best speakers to attend and they tend to be booked up months, even years in advance.

While we’re on the subject of speakers, it’s also a good idea to print them VIP passes, so that they can move around more freely and so that they are in a good mood when they give their talks. Click here for info about printing VIP passes and check out this website for more information on booking speakers. Do this now to avoid disappointment.

Choose a Central Location

Choosing a location that is easy to get to by car and public transport and which has a whole range of amenities within walking distance will make your conference a more attractive prospect for the people you invite. If they know they can get good food and there are a few interesting galleries and stores around, they’ll be only too happy to visit your event.

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Choose a Comfy Venue

Your venue should also be comfortable. If you’re in a warm climate, air conditioning is a must. It’s also important that the conference room has comfy chairs, lots of light and isn’t too small so that your guests won’t feel hot, tired and overcrowded after a couple of hours and decide to leave!

Hire a Caterer

The last thing you want to be worried about on the day of your conference is food, but good food is important to the success of any conference. That’s why you should always hire a solid caterer to provide meals. It’s important to try out caterers before you book one, so you know you’ll get the best quality for your money and you should always ensure there are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and other allergy options available.

Spread the Word

Now, all that remains is to leverage all of your networking links to spread the word to the highest number of people possible. You need to do this without spamming or pressuring people if you want to keep your reputation intact.