10 Questions with Fashion Designer Lubica Slovak

From the time she launched her fashion label “LUBICA” 10 years ago, business has been growing steadily for Lubica Slovak. She’s been busy developing several unique fashion collections under her brand that have included: Blue, Bliss, Bloom, Toucan, Trinity, Beyond, and Dream, along with launching her signature Lubica flower applique. I recently interviewed the talented young fashion designer to learn more about starting her own fashion line, the biggest lesson she’s learned to date, and her advice to aspiring fashion designers. 

A Snapshot Profile of Lubica Slovak

Lubica Slovak is an artistic Slovakia-born, fashion designer who founded LUBICA, a clothing company based in Jamaica. Slovak has previously partnered and collaborated with international recording artist Tami Chynn on a female boutique dubbed “Belle” and an award-winning collection, “Anuna”.

Education: Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
Organisations founded: LUBICA and Belle

Lubica's models take the runway at Fashion Art Toronto 2014 Source: Lubica Slovak
Lubica’s models take the runway at Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) 2014
Source: Lubica Slovak

The Phresh Interview

Phil Rodriques (PR): What favourite quote/mantra do you live by?
Lubica Slovak (LS): Don’t sweat the small stuff… let it go, everything will work out as it should. I have to remind myself of this one often.

PR: What sparked your interest in fashion?
LS: I have been interested in fashion from when I was a little girl. I remember always wanting to pick my own outfits to wear from very young age and then as a tween and a teen always wanting to look different and stand out with my outfits. Looking back…I didn’t always stand out in a good way though. [Lubica laughs]

PR: You studied fashion design in (Toronto) Canada and never worked for anyone else. Why did you launch your own label straight away?
LS: Because it was my dream to have my own line and create outfits that I really wanted to create. I am a Taurus [Zodiac sign] and we do things our way…it may not always be the best thing, but we definitely know what we want and go after it.

Lubica surrounded by applause at the end of her show at Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) 2014
Lubica surrounded by applause at the end of her show at Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) 2014
Source: Lubica Slovak

PR: How do you balance creativity with business?
LS: This is very hard for me. As a creative person I think more about colours and fabrics rather than numbers. It is very important to balance the two as talent alone is not enough these days. I am still working on this one.

PR: What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your fashion company?
LS: That you just can’t do it all yourself. For the line and brand to grow it is important to find the right people to work with. And also to take risks and follow your instinct.

PR: What’s your latest fashion design project?
LS: My line/brand is a constant project.

Designs from the collection
Designs from the collection “Journey”
Photo credit: William Richards | Models: Adrianna Bryan + Saneta Kerr | Make-up: Loni Jones
collection: Journey

PR: Where do you find the inspiration for each Lubica (fashion) collection?
LS: [Lubica laughs] My “favourite” question. Inspiration comes from different things. It could be a song, a movie or a mood that I am in. [Lubica collections]

PR: Where do you see Lubica in 5 years’ time?
LS: I would like to expand and grow the Lubica brand and for it to be a successful brand available worldwide.

Designs from the
Designs from the “Dream Collection”
Photo credit: William Richards | Model: Nastashia Mitchell | Make-up: Emily Newland

PR: What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?
LS: Be a dentist! [Lubica jokes] I would say make sure that this really is your passion. That you absolutely cannot live without it and then make a good plan and be ready to work really hard. Create cohesive collections and be clear on who your customer is. And most importantly be a business person as much as a creative person.

PR: Would you ever consider designing menswear?
LS: Yes of course I have considered it and maybe one day I will. Just not sure when. [Lubica smiles]


Visit and shop: http://www.lubica.com/
Instagram: @lubica.official
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lubicafashion
Twitter: @LUBICAfashion

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