When Betting on a Winner Goes Wrong


Having a winning idea is fantastic and your entire goal, like the world’s fastest man (Usain Bolt), is doing the following three things:

1) Avoiding false starts;
2) Getting out of the starting blocks very quickly;
3) And pushing at top speed to get you across the finish line.

This in itself is quite a feat and even for legends like Bolt it doesn’t always go according to plan. Anyone remember the 100 metres in the World Championships in Daegu?

Bringing an idea from concept to fruition takes exceptional discipline and determination. It requires vast amounts of iteration. Speed often times tends to get overlooked.

When both speed and iteration are combined, it allows you to experiment and fail fast. Each quick attempt and each possibly successive failure, allows for lessons to be learned and increase knowledge and experience in the development of your idea. I found this out for myself when I created my graphic t-shirt line under my brand ‘phresh phashion™’.

Without putting in hard work, even an idea that has the potential to be great has already failed because you failed to test its worth.

Your imagination is only good for conjuring up ideas; you will have to bring those ideas to life, literally and that requires a winner.

Are you a winner? You’re more than welcome to leave a comment or question and I’ll be sure to reply.

Fun fact: I’ve sold 37 t-shirts and made USD$900.00.

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