Tesla Launches the Electric Car We’ve All Been Waiting For! Meet the Model 3!

Elon Musk (Tesla Motors, Space X, SolarCity, and OpenAI), known to many as the real Tony Stark/Iron Man just launched the Model 3 and it’s a pretty big deal!


Elon Musk and Tesla logo

For the affordable price tag of US$35,000, you too can own the Tesla Model 3…along with 115,000 other people who had blindly deposited their money on a car that wasn’t even unveiled! That right there is a testament to the credibility and reputation that Elon Musk and his team have built at Tesla Motors.


Here’s a comprehensive review of what you’ll get for $35K clams! Okay, so this won’t be a comprehensive review, but more of an overview or very, very quick snapshot.

  • The Model 3 goes from 0 to 60 mph in less than SIX SECONDS!! [insane!]
  • You get 215 miles in a single charge! Perfect for those round-town commutes and short road trips!
  • Comes with plenty of room thanks to those five adult seats.
  • Ye olde 15 inch touchpad display. [Very nice]
  • Both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions! [Whaaat!]
  • Autopilot hardware comes standard. [Think Knight Rider]
  • Front and rear trunks for storage. [Enough for a surfboard]
  • The roof and windshield are one big glass! [Look up!]
  • A bunch of other bells and whistles!


For anyone who has followed the progression of Tesla in the past, you’ll know that they’ve gone through and overcame a lot of production issues, from failed models, to designs being ripped off, to almost going belly-up. Not this time! They’ve mastered the art of creating a well-oiled…well-electric machine. Model 3 deliveries are right on schedule and will start around late 2017. That’s not far from now.

Musk and his team should be very proud. The Tesla Motors fans all seem very satisfied and the shareholders are smiling from ear-to-ear, especially with over $7.5 billion worth of Model 3 preorders!

Go Tesla!