Testing out the ‘Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small’

This week I’m doing some tests on the Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch (small) that my wife got me as a Christmas present!

Very exciting time for me since every time I would do a digital illustration or doodle, I’d be using a mouse. Let me be the first to say that it’s the hardest thing to attempt! You basically have like 50% control over the movement and you’re kind of at the mercy of the device. Okay, so we’ve cleared the air on that.

So let me get back to telling you more about the Intuos, it sort of starts off being a little counterintuitive, but only for a short while. After several minutes of looking eyes on the screen and hands on the pen and touch pad you get the hang of it. Be sure to look up some YouTube tutorials on adjusting the settings or just mess around with it yourself using the Wacom Tablet Properties.

If you’re into creating illustrations or editing photographs, this is a nice tool to start out with. It allows you to basically have an unlimited amount of canvas, all the colours you can dream up and practically creates no waste. It’s eliminated a few steps from my old process of drawing on paper then scanning the drawing into a software like Adobe Illustrator.

Bear in mind that it’s just a tool, so it’s worthless with your talent and imagination. If you draw a horse, but it comes out looking more like a dog, the Intuos isn’t going to change that. You’ll just need to practice until you get better. So far I’ve drawn a rhino and then I spent last night and this morning working on “The Batman” (see below). Just in case you can’t tell which illustration’s mine (because I’m such a brilliant artist… kiddin’), it’s not the one on the right. It only took several hours, but the result’s not to shabby. I’m still getting use to the pen.

I’ll be honest, for a while there I was thinking to myself “Maybe you should just draw basic shapes and stick men.” But I like the flexibility of the Intuos and I can see how useful it’s going to be to me. I’m thinking about getting back to drawing single-frame comics like I use to do years ago on Facebook. This is going to make it so much easier!

Oh, and this isn’t a paid endorsement for Wacom… though I wish it was. Happy doodling!


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