The Four-star General and the Logo.


What if you had the opportunity to be a part of something positive? Would you jump at it?

My latest logo design project was for a facility opened in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica and named after the illustrious gentleman and commander himself, General Colin Powell.

The facility was designed to target youth and adults by developing their resilience and leadership under the supervision of trained facilitators who run them through a series of mental and physical challenges. The challenge course is just one of the newest components of the Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park and Academy as the community leaps into ‘sports tourism’.

Here’s the breakdown for this phresh logo design project:

Creating a logo design that communicated the following three (3) words — Courage. Challenge. Empowerment.

The man himself; Retired four-star U.S. General Colin Powell.

A design that depicts teamwork, military, personal development, progression, and simplicity.

This was one of the coolest projects I have ever worked on and I also did some of the brand development – tagline and merchandising. It also never gets old seeing one of your creations next to the UNICEF logo.

Fun Fact: Treasure Beach is my favourite place in Jamaica!

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