The How You Living Interview Series: New York City

I wanted to try something new, so I created this interview series dubbed “How you living?!” that will feature glimpses of city living through the lens of some friends of mine. Hopefully 10 to 13 questions are enough. This week, we’re live from New York, New York where the buildings touch the sky and the city never sleeps!! Enjoy the interview and leave a comment using your Facebook or Twitter account!

Interviewee: André Haffenden
Location: New York City, U.S.A.

Photo credit: André Haffenden
Photo credit: André Haffenden

The Interview

Phil Rodriques (PR): Where are you originally from?
André Haffenden (AP): Born in Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica. Spent formative years in Cross Keys, South Manchester.

PR: You’re an architect. What’s your favourite building in New York City (NYC)?
AP: Hmm, this is a tough question, because there are too many great buildings/structures here. I’ll just list a few that I admire, I don’t subscribe to “favourites” really. In no particular order: The Guggenheim Museum, The Highline, The 9/11 Memorial Pools, Apple Store (5th Ave. location), Flatiron Building [pictured below], The Cooper Union, Brooklyn Bridge (other bridges are awesome too)… I’ll just throw in the subway as well.

PR: Why did you move to NYC?
AP: Big city bright lights man. Mainly for my son and job opportunities.

Photo credit: André Haffenden
Photo credit: André Haffenden

PR: What’s the best part about living in NYC?
AP: Waking up every morning and upon inhalation, the stench of the city filling your lungs to capacity, constant reminder you’ve made it to NYC. Really though, there’s always something to do, something to see, something new… hard to get bored. And food.

PR: What’s the worst thing about living in NYC?
AP: Rent.

Photo credit: André Haffenden
Photo credit: André Haffenden

PR: Who’s the biggest celebrity you’ve ever walked by on the street?
AP: Probably Daniel Libeskind (Celebrity Architect), literally bumped into him on sidewalk downtown. Biggest that the popular culture might recognize was Lady Gaga (Singer + Songwriter).

PR: Where are the best places to eat?
AP: This question would have to be broken down by where you are in the city, by neighbourhoods. There are far too many great places to eat.

PR: Where are the best places to go for the nightlife experience?
AP: Perhaps the West Village.

Photo credit: André Haffenden
Photo credit: André Haffenden

PR: Where’s your favourite part of the city?
AP: I like the piers and the Highline. Central Park as well, although I don’t go there often.

PR: How do you get around the city on a daily basis?
AP: Mostly by subway; then buses, taxi, Uber.

PR: What’s the most horrific thing you’ve seen since living there?
AP: The aftermath of an apartment building explosion on the same street I live on. Even more horrific were the bigoted comments online about the incident.

Photo credit: André Haffenden
Photo credit: André Haffenden

PR: Tell us one stereotypical thing about New Yorkers that’s true.
AP: New Yorkers are ALWAYS in a hurry. Facts!

PR: What’s the one thing every visitor must do before leaving NYC?
AP: They must get out the way of people trying to go about their business, ugh. Then they should visit the Highline and 9/11 Memorial… try a restaurant in at least five different neighbourhoods, and most of all, go uptown.