The Ugly Truth About Your Business’ Brand

Think about your favourite brands or at least the brands that are most recognisable for you. You’ll probably think of things such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and other similar big name brands that we’ve seen all over the world. The reason we think about these brands is that they’re internationally renowned. We’ve seen them on everything from newspapers to online advertisements and even television commercials. They’re hard to miss and, as a result, they stick in our minds.

Now let’s take a look at your own brand. Perhaps you don’t even have a logo or a name yet. Maybe you’ve just used your name as the name of the company, and perhaps you took 5 minutes to make a quick little logo in the paint program that comes bundled with your operating system. Either way, it’s unlikely that you’ve put much effort into your branding thus far, and that’s something that needs to change.

Logo design is worth the money

Many marketing companies will charge you a hefty sum of money to get something like a logo designed. Some logos can be deceptively simple. Despite some logos being incredibly basic, there are many that cost several hundred million dollars, such as the rebranded BP logo that has totalled over $211,000,000.

However, there are also equally cheap logos, such as Google’s which cost absolutely nothing. Twitter is also in the same boat, with a logo that cost just $15 to make. Those are extreme cases where either something simple turned into something iconic, or the logo was designed in-house and thus cost the company nothing.

Either way, getting a logo designed professionally will go a long way in business, and it’s recommended that you replace any ugly branding you currently have with something made to order from a reputable designer.

Customers are put off by a lack of branding

If you show up to a trade exhibition and lack any kind of advertising or banner, then the chances of you attracting any kind of attention are slim. This is because customers are put off the idea of a company that doesn’t actually have any branding. It makes your company look ugly, cheap and questionable.

If you want to look trustworthy in the eyes of the consumers, then you need an eye-catching design. Be it the logo or just some text that represents your business, it should be clear, bold and represent your company. The colours you use will also make a difference in how the customer perceives your brand.

For instance, red colours are typically seen as passionate ones and green is a natural and ethical colour. This theory is important because if you use a simple black and white logo, you don’t invoke any emotions or feelings from the customers and they’re less likely to purchase from you.

As you can see, an ugly brand can break lots of potential sales. If you want to create a brand that’s worth talking about, then you need to invest the money and resources into your branding instead of ignoring it and using placeholders all the time.