Tomorrow’s a Big Day for Me

If you’ve ever wanted to do something then there’s no reason to delay. Find a way to get your dreams into the real world. Tomorrow, I’ll be living out one of my dreams to expand my writing onto one of the world’s biggest company’s web platform. It will be featured in Virgin Group’s “In focus: How to turn an idea into reality” series.

I’ve long admired the work of Richard Branson in building an unconventional company and brand like the Virgin. Having written several blogs on both the man and the brand, I get to have an article featured on their website. It’s both exciting and a little unnerving all at once, which is weird considering I run a blog site.

There’s still something to be said about putting yourself out there from a creative standpoint with the hope that your work will be appreciated and stands up to scrutiny. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it gets shared across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Gotta get my “street cred” up!

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that you can’t sit around waiting for ‘luck’ to come your way. You have to get up and go out there and create your own opportunities. It’s even easier with the web at your fingertips. No one ever lives their dreams from the grave, so while you’re alive try to do what you love. Life’s better that way.

Wish me luck.

2 Replies to “Tomorrow’s a Big Day for Me”

  1. BIG TINGS!!! Happy for you Phil, this is BIG. And I’m sure it means that much more because you’ve sort of studied the man and his brand, like you said. This is really great. Word to the wise: take any negative feedback with a handful of salt. Some people will say sh*t just because, so unless they’re providing a solution, brush it off. That was a big pill for me to swallow, but I know you got this 😉
    Great Stuff hun!

  2. Thanks Charlese! I appreciate that advice. It’s one of those things of not knowing how you’ll be received to a different audience/community. Still, it’s great doing something that both scares and excites you all at once. I know you can relate 🙂

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