Why Every Graphic Designer Should Start a Blog

There is nothing more important to me than being able to help people through any outlet I can use. Blogging just happens to have turned into one such outlet and I invite you to ask me a graphic design-related question and I will try to answer it in my next blog. Today I look at the questions asked by a fellow graphic designer – “What are the benefits of starting a blog? Can it be a page on your on site?”

Some of the benefits I find include being able to share your design work, particularly logos with anyone that allows you to explain the thought process behind your design. It becomes a platform to engage potential clients and like-minded freelancers.


In my particular case I’ve been pursuing entrepreneurship for a while and so it’s also a platform to lend my good and bad experiences to other graphic designers. One of the best benefits of a blog is that it can help to position you as an industry expert. I am working on getting to that level.

As it relates to a blog being integrated into an existing website or on a domain you purchased, that too can be done. On WordPress they guide you on the step by step of doing just that. You can read here: Integrating WordPress with Your Website

Of course there are a number of other reputable blog sites out there like Google’s Blogger.com, so WordPress doesn’t have to be the one you ultimately choose.

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